The first semester was a steep learning curve on so many levels #studentdiaries

By Feb.13, 2017

Dominic Williams
English Literature and Creative Writing student

Rather astoundingly, time has progressed rapidly and we find ourselves well into Semester Two.

Upon reflection, the first semester was a steep learning curve on so many levels.  The level of study involved in obtaining an undergraduate degree has never been more apparent, as the initial shock of reality biting has settled.  For me personally, the weeks since Christmas have been up and down in a variety of ways, mostly relating to the health of family members or myself.  What seems like such a little thing can have such a big effect on your studies.

On a more positive note, having received the results of my January exam I, like so many, can breathe a sigh of relief at having passed my Semester one modules.  It’s a scary thought that the first academic year is already halfway through. I consider myself to a significant degree lucky, as I know that there are plenty of students who haven’t passed, some by only a fraction.  It certainly stresses the importance of not only keeping up with the weekly requirements of each module, but with the constant revision required to maintain the level of information learnt.

Let’s hope I can keep it up as the semester progresses !!

The Skills for Learning team says…

Dominic has made some really important points in his post. Firstly, we all have things going on outside of University which can impact on our ability to be at our best for studying. If you are ever feeling like you are struggling you should speak to your personal tutor about your concerns. We also have a great Wellbeing Service which offers a range of support. Have a look at their Resource Hub to learn more about how they can help you be at your best.

Dominic also stresses the importance of keeping up with your studies. Skills for Learning can help. We have guides, eLearning, videos and workshops to help you learn how to study smart!

And don’t forget, there are lots of ways you can get help and support from within your school – this short video will tell you about them.


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