Week 11 #SalfordSmart – it’s over to you!

By Dec.03, 2017

#SalfordSmart this Week

The #SalfordSmart team know that as the end of term gets closer and closer, the mountain of work gets bigger and bigger.

From this week therefore, there is no additional #SalfordSmart information so you can spend your time focusing on finishing your assignments, viewing your grades and feedback and starting to look towards the exams.

juggling lots of tasks

As the end of trimester approaches, there are lots of tasks to juggle

Remember there is #SalfordSmart information to help you, no matter which stage you are at with your tasks.

Look back at what #SalfordSmart has covered, including all this….

  • Finding information for your assignments
  • Writing your assignmnets
  • Referencing
  • e-submitting your work
  • Using feedback to boost your next assignment marks
  • Managing your work load
  • Coping with distractions
  • Revision ideas
  • Getting set for exams

….and much more!

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