Week 4 #SalfordSmart – Getting on with your assignments

By Oct.16, 2017

#SalfordSmart this week

#SalfordSmart can help you avoid a last minute assignment rush

















Last week #SalfordSmart looked at the 6 steps to writing your assignments, working through step 1 to analyse and plan what you need to do.

Starting on these steps helps avoid a last minute rush to complete an assignment. If you missed it, you can read all about it here.

This week the assessment process moves on to Step 2 – looking at finding information you could use to support the ideas you discuss in your essays or assignments.

Where does Google fit with academic research?

What about Wikipedia?

What kind of information do you need to use?

How do you find the best information?

#SalfordSmart this week looks at these questions and gives you some answers.

Access Week 4 #SalfordSmart here

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