Week one done! #studentdiaries

By Oct.03, 2016

Getting started

So I’ve just completed the first week of my Occupational Therapy degree and I have to say, I’ve had a great week.  Coming into Uni on Monday morning I was filled with excitement and was fired up to start my learning journey.  My first lecture started really well with an overview of how the module would pan out and an introduction to Occupational Therapy.  I felt pretty good because I’d done my prep beforehand and printed out the relevant handouts #toptip #comeprepared.  The afternoon session was directed study so we could do our reading at home.

Thursday was our next day in and a full day at that with lectures from 11am – 6pm.

I was slightly anxious at first about maintaining my focus for all that time, but I needn’t have worried because it flowed so well and was very engaging, so much so that the day flew by.

We worked in our allocated groups on Thursday which is an amalgamation of full-time and part-time OT students, it was really good to meet other students from the course and I think we enjoyed working through some of the group work.  We’ll be working with each other regularly throughout the year so we’re going to get to know each other better as the year goes on but I have a pretty good feeling about the group, the rapport was good and there is a mix of characters which I think will work well.

Making the right choice

The key thing for me about this week is that I really felt that I’d most definitely made the right choice about changing my career.

Sitting in Thursday’s lecture and starting to get my head around the complex subject of Occupational Therapy I found that understood the concepts that were being relayed to us and could relate them to myself.  I put my occupational lenses on and thought about my mum who hasn’t had the best of health recently and how that has effected her occupational balance and in turn how that must have made her feel.
occupation station
As good as a week it was, there are some frustrations – brought on mostly by my impatience!  I’m so keen to get on and learn, I want to be in everyday soaking up information and expanding my knowledge but I need to work on my patience and go with the flow.

Getting organised

I treated myself to a new desk this week.  When doing my access course I sat with my laptop on my knee with my books on a coffee table.  I wouldn’t say it hindered my performance but it wasn’t very professional and with professionalism being such a key concept for OT’s I decided to start as I mean to go on.  I’ve renamed my new study area my “Occupation Station” and I hope its going to be a creative and successful place to learn. #toptip #getorganised

Experiential learning

I’m looking forward to next week, there is already plenty of reading to be done and at weekend I’m going to take part in an experiment where I wear my arm in a sling to get an understanding of what its like to lose the use of my dominant arm and how that effects me in my occupations – making my childrens’ breakfast is going to be interesting to say the least!


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