From Salford is a brand new online networking and mentoring hub designed to provide support and career development as you enter the next stage of your life. From Salford is different to other social networks because it is exclusively for graduates from the University of Salford. Our friendly global alumni community of thousands of graduates is now available to you, giving you access to career professionals based all over the world.

If you feel like you don’t have the contacts or the experience you need to make it in your chosen field, then From Salford is your opportunity to get a foot in the door. Your fellow alumni from all industries are online and ready to help you navigate through this transitional time in your life. They can help you gain that industry experience, open doors for you and offer advice and support in a way that suits you. You can also access a range of benefits and services to help you along the way in your life as a graduate, whether you have chosen to work or undertake further study. Here are 7 ways to get the best out of the From Salford network:

1. Network exclusively with Salford graduates 

The idea of networking can make even the most confident individual feel a little nervous. It can be quite stressful if you’re not a natural at it. But with From Salford you’re in safe hands – an advantage of From Salford is that users can make it clear on their profile that they’re happy to help and support recent graduates. This means they are happy for you to contact them and will be expecting your message. It can be daunting at first but taking the plunge and sending someone a quick message could change your life.

All networking through From Salford is done online through direct messaging on the platform, so you can easily connect anywhere, whether that’s on the sofa or on your daily commute. You can also rest easy that the people you’re talking to studied at Salford too. They probably lived in the same halls as you, drank in the same pubs and studied in the same library. So, they’re not complete strangers after all.

2. Find a career mentor

Once you’ve mastered the networking side of things you could take the next step and begin the search to find a mentor. From Salford has thousands of members, many of whom are in senior positions across all sectors and have indicated they are keen to mentor recent graduates. You can browse through profiles on the directory and find someone who is working in the field you want to excel in. Just drop them a message and see what happens. Many industries are reliant on contacts and who better to coach you through the early stages of your career than someone who has already been where you are.

Once you’ve been working in your field for a couple of years you may even feel ready to pass on your own wisdom and mentor someone yourself. Simply tick the mentoring box on your profile and wait for the requests to come in.

3. Continue your learning through FREE access to online journals and e-books

Graduating from uni is not only about finding a career straight away. You may want to continue your studies with an MA or a PhD. Even if you choose not to take your education further at the University of Salford, we can still help you. As a graduate of the University you can access a number of online resources for free via From Salford and avoid paying the hefty subscription fees. We have provided access to Emerald and JSTOR, which host thousands of online journals and e-books. Log in to From Salford to take a look.

4. Find your next job opportunity and post jobs 

Finding a job straight out of uni can be tough. The University’s careers service is available to you for life, so you can benefit from access to dedicated support as you navigate the job market.

We post jobs regularly on From Salford, ranging from graduate schemes to entry level roles in a range of industries. If you are looking for some short-term work while you take time to figure out what you want to do, there are plenty of temporary positions available too.

You can also post roles at your organisation, so if you’re looking to fill a position from the Salford talent pool you can post your job on From Salford and our members can apply to work with you.

5. Join a group of like-minded alumni in your area 

From Salford is all about bringing the alumni community to you, and there is no easier way to connect with like-minded people than through an online group. You can discuss what’s going on locally, share jobs and tips and draw on knowledge from those with the kind of experience you’d like to gain for yourself. Alumni across the world have already set up online groups for their industry, so take a look at the groups page to see what’s happening in yours. If there isn’t a group for your area of interest, then you can start your own. You never know who you might meet.

6. Share news of an event or register to join us at one 

At the University of Salford, our alumni community is incredibly important to us and we love to keep in touch by hosting regular events and meet-ups. Our events range from small drinks receptions to guest lectures from inspiring speakers and class reunions. We’re not just limited to Salford either, we also host regular events in London and across the world. The From Salford events page lets you know exactly what is going on and you can register to attend there and then. You can also promote your own events and encourage your fellow alumni to come along and support you.

7. Download the app

Yes this is another app to store on your phone, but this one is definitely worth the storage space. Using the app makes it even easier to keep track of your connections and conversations all in one place, and From Salford will keep you updated with handy notifications. You can download the app at all the usual places by following the instructions here.

Put simply, From Salford is the ideal tool for you as you enter the next stage of your life and career. There is a wealth of experience, advice and support at your fingertips and it’s yours for the taking!

You can register for From Salford here. Registration is really easy and you can even link it to your LinkedIn or Facebook account so it only takes a few clicks. Take a look and see who is waiting to connect with you.