A trailblazer for women in technology, Jeanette actively promotes gender equality within Morgan Stanley. She serves as the Co-Lead for Gender Diversity and Women in Tech initiatives, emphasising her passion for empowering women in the male-dominated tech industry. Jeanette’s versatility in seamlessly transitioning between different roles, including business, engineering, and application development, has allowed her to establish crucial partnerships across the organization, bridging the gap between technology and financial services. 

Jeanette dedicates a significant portion of her time to mentoring and supporting women and girls seeking careers in technology. In her role as Honorary International Industry Fellow at Salford Business School, she generously guides and prepares students for successful transitions into their professional lives. Through career coaching, CV assistance, and mock interviews, Jeanette imparts her own experiences and expertise to help students effectively communicate their strengths, skills, and experiences to potential employers.

Watch how fantastic our Conversation with Jeanette was below, as she tells us how she has broken boundaries and inspired gender diversity in technology – an industry traditionally dominated by men.