We really value the student experience

By Feb.15, 2016

karenLast week was a whirlwind of interviewing and recruiting to our undergraduate and postgraduate BSc and MA in nursing. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people and to network at events that take me away from the university, and last week was no exception.

I was invited alongside others from various universities and colleges, to showcase what we offer in nursing here at Salford, to members of the NHS Trust at the Pennine Acute hospitals. Here staff who aspire to studying nursing were invited to come along and discuss their options. Many have years of experience as Health Care Assistants, and it Untitledcan be so humbling to learn of their individual journeys that have contributed to their development so far. Here at Salford we offer a unique way of helping such candidates gain entry onto our programmes, and in nursing, we support non-traditional access onto our courses using the Salford Alternative Entry Scheme (SAES). Already two of the staff have made contact and are in the process of making an application to start studying from September this year. http://www.salford.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/salford-alternative-entry-scheme

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There is so much interest in the courses that we offer, and last month myself and colleagues from nursing and Midwifery visited a number of schools within the area to showcase our portfolio of courses. Young people in years 10 to 12 can be amazingly astute and have a real focus on what they want in their future careers. Colleagues took part in a ‘speed dating’ activity, answering questions, and I was involved in mock interviews for aspiring undergraduates; another very humbling and enjoyable experience.

Having worked within the school since it joined the university in 1996, I have always been involved in recruitment and selection of candidates to our courses. Outreach activities that support our recruitment in the school is always a priority within my role, and I would welcome contact from careers advisers and educational staff involved in supporting career development in their students. Our portfolio includes nursing, midwifery, social work, and in addition counselling, social policy, criminology and social sciences. We are making the final touches to our new practice suites right now. This will add to our award winning facilities and give our students cutting edge exposure within the safety of the school setting.


We really value the student experience, and this is mirrored in the practice setting within the NHS, social services and the private sector.

Please get in touch.

Karen Wild

Senior Lecturer (Adult Nursing & Knowledge Application), Student Opportunity Lead

School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work & Social Science| Mary Seacole Building, room 189. | Frederick Road Campus | University of Salford | Salford | Greater Manchester | M6 6PU


0161 295 2788



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