60 sec with Tracey Williamson, Reader (Public Involvement, Engagement & Experience)

By Dec.10, 2017

1.What is your position within the School?

Reader in Public Involvement, Engagement & Experience. This means a full time researcher in involving the public in research around dementia, enabling technology, improving services and patient experience using mostly participatory approaches. I also Lead on research impact for the school.

2.How long have you worked in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences, University of Salford? 

March 2005.

3.Which building are you based in?

Mary Seacole Room 143.

4.Why did you choose to work within the School?

I previously had a senior role in the NHS (Nurse Consultant Older People) and had gained a PhD in health services research through a Department of Health fellowship. My NHS Trust employer as less concerned with research than me so I decided to work in a university. I was born in Salford and wanted to give something back locally so Salford was first choice. I also knew some colleagues here already who I admired from working alongside them with the RCN Research Society.

5.What is your most memorable moment of being in the School?

Being there on day one with the teams whose initial scoping workshop then led to the Institute for Dementia we have today and School User Carer group. It is great to see good ideas and teamwork succeed.

6.What is your biggest dream?

To get a better work life balance as my partner has days off in the week and I work flexibly around the kids.

7.When you are not at work what do you do to relax?

With an 8 year old and a 10 year old I don’t relax much but have lots of fun! My favourite chill out place is any mountain or fell.

8.What was your first job?

I started out as a general medical ward senior staff nurse on permanent nights at North Manchester General.

9. What has been your greatest achievement?

Being a single parent and holding down a challenging job well. When I look at my kids, I know I’ve done good. Influencing the public involvement field is my main achievement.

10.What would make your job easier?

To be surrounded by people with a can do attitude who value what I do and trust me to know what I am doing. Slicker, more agile systems.

11.Finally, what one piece of advice would you give to students/colleagues?

Be driven by your values, work with nice people and remember relationships are with people not organisations. Your best is good enough.

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