60 seconds with Lisa Scullion, Reader in Social Policy and Associate Director of SHUSU

By Jun.19, 2016

losa1.What is your position within the School?

I am Reader in Social Policy and Associate Director of the Sustainable Housing & Urban Studies Unit (SHUSU).

2.How long have you worked in the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences, University of Salford? 

Myself and my SHUSU colleagues moved into the School about 18 months ago. However, I have worked at SHUSU for ten years having previously been based within the School of Environment and Life Sciences and the College of Science and Technology.

3.Which building are you based in?

Allerton Building.

4.Why did you choose to work within the School?

Over the last ten years I have been leading and delivering research that focuses on the social welfare needs of a range of marginalised populations. Moving into the School has enabled me to work more closely with colleagues who are more aligned to my areas of interest/discipline. But more importantly, the School recognises the value of research and I am proud to be able to contribute to that.

5.What is your most memorable moment of being in the School?

When I first moved into the School I was eight months pregnant. I was only in my new office a couple of weeks before finishing for maternity leave. But I will never forget how welcoming my new colleagues in the Social Work Directorate were. In fact, after only knowing me a couple of weeks they sent me off on maternity leave with a lovely card, flowers and chocolates.

6.What is your biggest dream?

As I mentioned before, my research focuses on marginalised populations or those at the ‘sharp end’ of policy. So, my biggest dream (workwise) is that my research will actually have an impact on the lives of those on the margins.

7.When you are not at work what do you do to relax?

When I’m not working I spend my time with my husband and our two boys, aged one and three. I am not sure relaxing is the right word, but I love my time with my boys. I also occasionally go running, and watch a lot of box sets.

8.What was your first job?

Working in a greasy spoon café on Morecambe promenade.

9. What has been your greatest achievement?

My promotion to Reader last year and taking on the role of Associate Director at SHUSU.

10.What would make your job easier?

A lot of the work we do at SHUSU requires us to respond quickly to opportunities or to work to tight deadlines, so a bit more flexibility and responsiveness in terms of University systems/processes would  be helpful. Plus more hours in the day (and less meetings)?

11.Finally, what one piece of advice would you give to students/colleagues?

Make the most of every opportunity (at work and at home).

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