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School wins eight ESRC Social Science Festival funding awards

21 July 2017

Following a recent round of ESRC Social Science Festival funding, we are delighted to announce 8 of the 11 funding awards granted by the University have been made to our School. You will see there is a fabulous range of initiatives. There will be a showcase event in October that will illustrate approaches to impact taken by these and past award holders of HEIF and impact funding. The aim is to share ideas and tools for impact, learn from other schools as well as each other, and to explore innovative means of maximising impact.

Congratulations to all of the initiatives below!


Dr Mark Widdowson wins international research award

15 July 2017
 Dr Mark Widdowson wins Research Award

Dr Mark Widdowson wins Research Award

On Friday 28th July, Dr Mark Widdowson, senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy will be the first ever recipient of the International Transactional Analysis Association’s Research Award at the World Conference of Transactional Analysis in Berlin.

Transactional Analysis was originally developed for psychotherapy and counselling but is also used in educational and organisational development settings. The International Transactional Analysis Association’s Research Award has been initiated to recognise researchers who have made a significant contribution to transactional analysis research. The contribution Mark is receiving the award for is his research into the effectiveness of Transactional Analysis for depression. and his innovative use of case study research method.

Race and Society

7 April 2017

By Tina G. Patel

This book has just been published by Sage Publications, and is authored by Dr Tina G. Patel, who is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Salford. Race and Society provides a thoughtful and critically engaging exploration of some of the key issues around race and racialisation, which have arisen in what is considered to be a highly diverse and complex society, in which claims about a post-race condition have problematically dominated the race/racism agenda. With a progressive approach emphasising the social construction of race issues within a post-racial era, moving away from essentialist and polarized explanations of raced interaction, the book provides an introduction to the main concepts and key theories, including their post-developments; it focuses on the processes and impact of racial categorisation in contemporary society; highlights the intersectional and multifaceted nature of race and related conceptualizations; and, illustrates how race has morphed into newer forms of categorizations. The chapters include: Categorizing Race; Understanding Society; Identity and the Place of Race; Race in Social Institutions and Organizations; Human Rights, Equality and Legislation; and, Researching Race and Society. The book is packed with topical examples and international case studies to engage readers, including the the ‘blacking up’ of Rachel Dolezal, the Alphaville gated community in Brazil, the Jyoti Singh Pandey case, racism in football. The book will be useful for all those with an interest in race and racialisation processes.

Further details about book can be found at the publisher’s website: and/or Tina Patel at