Hipster Business Review: a study into Greater Manchester based creative entrepreneurial start-ups

By Jan.15, 2016

In a collaboration with Salford Business School, SHUSU researchers are looking to interview the entrepreneurs and inspired minds behind creative, chic start-ups in Greater Manchester for a new study.

‘Hipster’ is a term that has been in use for many years, but in the UK it has recently become associated with the rise of an alternative type of entrepreneurialism often focused on art, design and crafts, specialist food and drink and niche digital services. ‘Hipster’ businesses are often set up and staffed by young, tech savvy men and women, generating local hubs of innovation and business ingenuity. For many, digital business models lie at the heart of their enterprise.

We are looking to talk to people who are involved in the sector, to understand their journey from original business idea/inspiration all the way to selling the product/service in the market place. We want to look at the situation in Greater Manchester, particularly in the light of the current political agenda to develop a ‘Northern Powerhouse.’ The North West of England has been identified by business observers as a region that is witnessing a growth of creative, dynamic entrepreneurs using digital technologies as the basis for new businesses, fast becoming a destination for enterprising and ambitious entrepreneurs.

We want to learn more about how individuals become involved in this sector. What key characteristics do the entrepreneurs have?  Is it simply about having a ‘can-do’ attitude, or being a risk taker? Do you need to be a good networker to succeed, or is it about your educational background and the support of family and friends?  What infrastructure is essential to get such businesses off the ground?

We aren’t making any assumptions but we are interested to see if there are any common attributes.

If you are interested in participating or finding out more please email Phil Martin at p.martin5@salford.ac.uk.

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