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By Apr.11, 2016

Lorraine Abbott

Lorraine Abbott

Hello there and welcome to my first ever blog attempt!

I’m Lorraine, new in post, in a newly created post, as teaching and learning intern.  I’m still reeling, slightly, from the culture shock of leaving the NHS and moving into higher education. My colleague Caroline described the feeling as being like lions raised in captivity suddenly being released into the wild…

So, this is me. I’m a 46 year old mum of 3 (allegedly) grown up kids, and I have a beautiful 17yr old human dog. I read, everything and anything and I wouldn’t want to live without music in my life.  You may think I’m a quiet, shy person – but then they say the quiet ones are always the worst… I am a nurse so I have that sense of humour that we all know and love.

I like to learn new things…2014 was Spanish and 2015 was navigation, so if by any remote chance your Spanish friend gets lost on a mountain in the dark – I’m your girl! In 2016 I’m probably going to learn plumbing, I think. Well why not. To me life isn’t about being having ‘things’ (trust me on this one kids). It’s more about happiness, growth, and making a difference. Discuss?

I trained as an adult nurse at Salford and told my friends I wanted to come back to work here as a lecturer. And here I am! Sorry about that! 😉

In a nutshell; I went straight to work in the community at Bacup. I LOVED it. I did my CSP at level 7 and got a job as a district nurse sister on nights, and then days in Oldham. I’ve worked in a community hospital, and just before coming to Salford I worked as tissue viability support nurse on the acute side.

I have a strong community skill set and a deep ingrained love of district nursing.  I loved the patients, the challenges, the diversity and the autonomy of the role, and the often humbling, privilege of caring for people in their own homes.  District nursing gets in your blood – and I hope it never leaves me. I’m passionate about the NHS and I would like to pass on my knowledge and passion for nursing to student nurses. I firmly believe the community is the future. I’m also interested in the current political environment – it’s certainly an interesting time for healthcare in the UK right now for both nurses and nurse teachers when change seems to be the only constant.

So, 500 words?  Well – you hired me (that’s my disclaimer)! While I’m still ‘new’ I’m absorbing as much as I can, exposing myself to as many different things as I can, getting involved in writing and research, learning, making friends, and getting to know my family again. I’ll do my best, no doubt I’ll make a few mistakes along the way – but I’ll learn from them – eventually, probably.  I’m not a bloke so I’m happy to ask for direction if I need to.


Lorraine Abbott, Teaching and Learning Intern Lecturer
School of nursing, midwifery, social work and social sciences

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