Salford Students head to Uganda to start new placement

By Aug.13, 2015

Photo 2Professor Ackers will lead the first wave of Salford undergraduates commencing placements in Uganda this week. A total of 35 Salford students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds including nursing, midwifery, social policy, prosthetics, orthotics, podiatry, physiotherapy, social work and integrated professional practice will experience placements in Uganda this summer.

Students will be based in health care settings in Uganda in tailored and supervised placements designed to optimise learning outcomes but also support effective systems change in Uganda.

During this first placement Professor Ackers will present a key note to public meeting of health care professionals in Fort Portal on ‘enhancing health workers motivation and performance.’ The pilot action-research project is funded by Health Education North West (HENW) and forms part of the Education Capacity work stream managed by Global Health Exchange .  The project is assessing the learning outcomes associated with placements in low resource settings and the potential for embedding such placements in undergraduate curricula for the health and allied health professions.

Most of the students have received funding through Health Education North West’s Global Health Exchange and those who did not qualify for HENW funding have been supported by Student Life, Salford  and Santander.

A second group of students will head to India later this year with Mrs Gill Colgan.

Placements are available on a self-funded basis for all disciplines through a registered charity ‘Knowledge for Change’.

For information on the HEE project and self-funded placements please contact James (placement manager):



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  1. Hassan Osman says:

    Knowledge and Place Research alongside the School of Nursing Midwifery Social Work and Social Sciences host Ugandan health professionals and academics as part of ongoing knowledge exchange initiatives. Follow this link for our last year’ visitors Dr Edmond Kagambe and Mr Paul Mpaka:


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