SHUSU PhD Candidate to present at Roma Summit

By Nov.09, 2015

SHUSU PhD student, Liviu Dinu has been invited to speak at the Summit ‘Perspective from the ground: Opportunities for Roma Inclusion in the Western Balkans’. The summit, organised by Civil Rights Defenders, will be held 25-27th November in Pristina, Kosovo. Civil Rights Defenders is an independent expert organisation founded in Stockholm in 1982 with the aim of defending human rights, in particular people’s civil and political rights, while also supporting and empowering human rights defenders at risk.

The Summit will gather distinguished Roma human rights defenders from the Western Balkans, as well as Europe, discussing and analysing current topics and trends relevant to human rights in relation to Roma ethnic minority in Europe. The participants will look as an example at the situation regarding Roma women as a specific vulnerable group, and the way how media from the region report on human rights issues of the Roma community. The event aims to draw attention to drastic violation of human rights of the Roma community in the region and to urge the governments to fully adopt and implement international standards on Human Rights.

Liviu will be in distinguished company, with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa; Vice President at the European Parliament, Henrik Nilsson; and Chargé d’Affaires a.i, Embassy of Sweden in Kosovo, Urlike Lunacek also confirmed as attending.

Liviu will contribute to the panel: Combating AntiGypsyism and Hate Crimes and will discuss his work on the impact of Welfare Conditionality on Roma migrants in the United Kingdom, which is part of the Welfare Conditionality project.

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