SHUSU present empty homes research in Exeter

By Nov.09, 2015

Danielle Butler, PhD student and SHUSU Associate Member, presented her award winning research on empty homes last week to the South West Empty Homes Conference in Exeter.


Working in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Empty Homes Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Danielle undertook a study into the inertia of empty home owners. Her research, Understanding Inertia: presented an interpretive phenomenological analysis of the experiences of owning an empty home, received the Jonathan Sime Award recognising the contribution of her study to the field of people-environment research.

She presented her research to empty homes practitioners from across 26 local authorities. Danielle shared the stage with John Hughes from Tameside Council, who discussed the benefits of undertaking the Knowledge Transfer Partnership with SHUSU to address the phenomenon of empty homes.

Exeter City Council, who organised the Conference, thanked Danielle and John for contributing to the ‘best South West Empty Homes Forum in recent years.’


2 thoughts on “SHUSU present empty homes research in Exeter

  1. Janet Lloyd says:

    Very proud of my daughter Danielle the support and excellent tuition she has had at Salford university has been second to excellent university mentors and tuitors are so extremely supportive.well done to you all.

    1. nmswss says:

      Hello Janet,
      We highly appreciate your positive feedback. Wishing all the best to Danielle in the future.


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