Is this real(ly) simulation?

By Mar.13, 2016

Just over a year ago the plans started to re-develop and expand the simulation areas in the Mary Seacole Building, University of Salford. I was given a blank canvas of ‘space’ and along with colleagues from the simulation team we put together a wish list for our new simulation area which would include a nursing and midwifery simulation suite. At first I considered that our thoughts were grandiose, unachievable but the architects soon came back with drawings that had everything we asked for. The midwifery suite was comprised of clinical rooms, a control room, delivery suite and a home birth area. The nursing suite included an adult room with 3 beds, children’s room with a bed and cot, two control rooms, two side rooms, a bathroom, a treatment room, a nurse’s station and a day room/relatives room. This was what we asked for and I could not quite believe that all of that would fit into the ‘space’ that we had to work with. Not only that, each bed space had piped air (for oxygen delivery) a nurse call buzzer, emergency buzzer and a bed light. Of course, we were expected to come back with things we wanted changing or items which we weren’t happy with, the architects were consistently accommodating and understanding.

The work started at the end of November 2015 during which we arranged site visits to see how the work was progressing. I have to admit I was sceptical as it was still looking like a building site just a few weeks before it was due to be completed.

simulation1 simulation2







However the work was finished on time in February 2016… In three months the transformation was just amazing!

Children’s simulation room, SimNewB® and SimJunior® having a rest

Children’s simulation room, SimNewB® and SimJunior® having a rest

SimMan3G® getting ready for the #SalLeadEd students

SimMan3G® getting ready for the #SalLeadEd students


Last week was the first day when we formally introduced the students to our clinical simulation area. The MSc Leading Education in Practice (#SalLeadEd) students were certainly enthused and impressed by what they saw today, the atmosphere in the suite was buzzing (literally) as we simulated a patient arrest for the first time in the new adult room.

They commented that it looked like a real hospital and asked did we actually treat patients here? It might be simulation, but it feels, looks and even smells very much like a real hospital.

*A special thanks to Day Architects, Manchester and Cheshire Construction, Jodie Lonsdale, @warnetony, @bboag, @neilwithnell, @louiseyuill78, @JMasonMitchell, Bernard Seddon, Lee Forde and Elaine Greenhalgh


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  1. Tony Warne says:

    Good to see a dream come true – well done to all involved


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