We welcome #hellomynameis campaign on campus

By Jan.17, 2018

The USSU Nursing Society are welcome Chris Pointon from the #hellomynameis campaign to campus on Wednesday 24th January 2018 from 1.30pm in MS g21.

The event is being hosted by the School of Health and Society and the Nursing Society. This campaign grown considerably over the years and has great relevance to all allied health professionals.

This event will be promoted on Twitter via the hashtags #ournameisSUNS and #hellomynameis.

Chris Pointon described the event for us:

This is a very personal, inspiring and heart-warming session that will leave you inspired, reflective and overall in awe of such an amazing individual that we were blessed to have as part of healthcare across the world.

My inspiring wife Dr Kate Granger MBE along with myself came up with a global campaign that was to revolutionise patient care across both the UK NHS and global healthcare. This session will take you on a journey from the conception of #hellomynameis which was born out of a bad patient experience (which I will talk all about) to how it now fits within global healthcare and how Kate’s legacy continues through the work I do and the numerous accolades named after her. I will talk about the background to my inspiring wife and her illness prior to #hellomynameis and what the ongoing support will mean to staff and patients alike in all healthcare settings.

Throughout the evolution of #hellomynameis we focus on patient care being at the forefront of what we do along with making interactions on any level and in any setting more of a human connection as this is the first rung on the ladder of communication. The practicalities of what this involves are fairly straight forward however it can lead to a much more therapeutic relationship.

A very inspiring journey proving that through adversity you can create a legacy. (Chris Pointon, 2017)”

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