Over the last few weeks we’ve been showcasing some of the innovative ICZ partnerships that are in operation across our University.

To wrap things up, Jennifer Hinsley, ICZ Project Manager, introduces two examples of great projects and summarises the success of the programme and how this will be embedded as a ‘business as usual’ approach going forward:

Neil Currie, Civil Engineering lecturer at the University, spoke to us about the Wikihouse Project and how we’re collaborating with students and industry to reinvent the way we build homes and shelters:

Hear more about our partnership with ice hockey team Manchester Storm from MBA Director Jonathan Lord:

We love hearing about your ICZ projects so please keep them coming in by emailing icz@salford.ac.uk It’s important that we continue to share the great work happening across our campuses so we can inspire others and keep ICZs at the heart of everything we do.

To read more about the ICZ work we’re doing across the University, head to http://www.salford.ac.uk/icz