Haifa Takruri- Rizk inspiring students to pursue Postgraduate education

By Apr.07, 2015

The Project team visited Palestine Technical University Kadoorie approx. 100km north of Ramallah where the day was geared towards student development into industry and how this can be achieved in Palestine.

website image 16Haifa presented the project to 150+ students all in engineering and found it refreshing to see a so many females
studying engineering.  When asked about pursuing postgraduate qualifications students were unsure about their careers beyond the degree.


The vibrant audience were interested in seeking opportunities to allow them to study and learn abroad and as Haifa inspired the group students were interested in the programme.  Members from the project team took great interest in student work as they toured the facilities, discussing projects and solutions at some length at times.  The visit impacted upon inspiring student to continue into postgraduate studies, Website image 17and it encouraged Industry representative to get more involved.


The team took the opportunity to start the discussions with industry representatives to become more involved with the universities.  The day was closed by a presentation from the President of the university who encouraged the development of the master programme and to develop further programmes with the university.


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