JMEE steering Commitee meeting Palestine 2015

By Apr.09, 2015

Looking Ahead

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JMEE Steering Committee Meeting was hosted by discussing the achievements of the project over the last sixteen months and planning for rest of the project’s lifetime focussing. The focus was on the launch of the Master programme in September bending the accreditation by the Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (ACAQ).

 Facebook Success

Pending all the visits throughout the week in Palestine the project partners agreed to launch a facebook page.  On the Thursday evening the group was launched and by the following morning it had received 586 likes, and within 24 hours it was close to 1000 likes and it’s reach was far greater.  The students came on-board supporting the programme after the visits throughout the week, they also sought out the academics who visited their institutions and invited to connect with them.  The week of events has been a huge success the project team are now awaiting approval from the ministry of Education in Palestine to run the course and to start recruiting in time for classes to start in September 2015.

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