Haifa presents JMEE and collaborative working at Expotech

By Oct.01, 2015

skin17r.header-logo-hd-e1435003835231Haifa Takruri MBE presented at Expotech in Palestine in 5th October 2015 to promote the JMEE project and experiences of working with academia and industry throughout the project.

The development of the JMEE project relies on the industry working with academia to ensure that knowledge is shared and remains cutting edge in two very fast paced changing environments.  The telecommunications sector has rapidly grown over the last decade and the global reliance on an efficient service has driven developments in the telecommunications sector.  Public reliance and demand on energy has grown with a multimedia driven global network.  Environmental requirements have driven the development of renewable energies and research is continually growing in the fields of energy efficiency in renewable energy generation and delivery.

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The JMEE academic teams based in Palestine and professors from the University of Salford invited delegates to come to Expotech and ask questions regarding the Masters course on offer.  Students are able to apply to carry out a portion of their MSc thesis research in Europe.

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