Joint Mater programme receives Accreditation

By Oct.07, 2015


After many months of working with AQAC and the Ministries of Energy and Telecommunications the Minister of Education Palestine visited Palestine Polytechnic University today to deliver the Great News, that the JMEE Master Programme is now accredited and is permitted to recruit students.


The long awaited good news has come after meeting with the Minister of Telecommunication in April 2015 for a dissemination workshop at Birzeit University. The JMEE project partners have worked hard to achieve programme accreditation and backing from Industry and ministries in Palestine.  Now that the programme is officially accredited there is a huge drive for students to take up the opportunity to take advantage of such a diversely built opportunity.

We are now pleased to announce that the programme is open for applications and will start teaching in January 2016.  Students will receiving material jointly developed with European partners, and will be able to apply for the opportunity to carry out some of their thesis research in Europe.  JMEE has worked very closely with PITA and JDECO to develop some live research opportunities for students.  The Universities aim to work closely with industry on research projects.

Professor Haifa Takruri MBE, the Director of the JMEE project, is pleased to announce the accreditation of the programme by the Palestinian Higher Education Ministry. ” I am very grateful to the EU commission and the TEMPUS fund for co funding the JMEE project.”



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