Aims & Objectives

The specific objectives are:

  1. To develop and implement a joint MSc programme curriculum in electrical engineering combining two modes of delivery; e-learning and face to face, to be jointly taught by universities in Palestine
  2. To promote the adoption of the Bologna system; QA procedures and ECTS
  3. To enrich the capacity of Palestinian academics by providing research collaboration opportunities with EU staff through joint MSc thesis supervision
  4. To equip laboratories to be utilized by students during their MSc studies
  5. To enhance links with Palestine local industry to provide relevant MSc projects and career paths for graduates.

The objectives will be achieved through a well-planned suite of activities:

  1. Short visits for Palestine universities staff to EU institutions to explore EU teaching methodologies including e-learning platforms
  2. Short visits by EU professors to Palestine universities to deliver training and continual professional development (CPD) courses to Palestinian staff
  3. Short visits by EU professors to deliver modules to MSc students
  4. 3-month study period for 8 Palestinian MSc students at EU universities for joint thesis supervision.