Joint Mater programme receives Accreditation

By Oct.07, 2015


After many months of working with AQAC and the Ministries of Energy and Telecommunications the Minister of Education Palestine visited Palestine Polytechnic University today to deliver the Great News, that the JMEE Master Programme is now accredited and is permitted to recruit students.


The long awaited good news has come after meeting with the Minister of Telecommunication in April 2015 for a dissemination workshop at Birzeit University. The JMEE project partners have worked hard to achieve programme accreditation and backing from Industry and ministries in Palestine.  Now that the programme is officially accredited there is a huge drive for students to take up the opportunity to take advantage of such a diversely built opportunity.

We are now pleased to announce that the programme is open for applications and will start teaching in January 2016.  Students will receiving material jointly developed with European partners, and will be able to apply for the opportunity to carry out some of their thesis research in Europe.  JMEE has worked very closely with PITA and JDECO to develop some live research opportunities for students.  The Universities aim to work closely with industry on research projects.

Professor Haifa Takruri MBE, the Director of the JMEE project, is pleased to announce the accreditation of the programme by the Palestinian Higher Education Ministry. ” I am very grateful to the EU commission and the TEMPUS fund for co funding the JMEE project.”



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Haifa presents JMEE and collaborative working at Expotech

By Oct.01, 2015

skin17r.header-logo-hd-e1435003835231Haifa Takruri MBE presented at Expotech in Palestine in 5th October 2015 to promote the JMEE project and experiences of working with academia and industry throughout the project.

The development of the JMEE project relies on the industry working with academia to ensure that knowledge is shared and remains cutting edge in two very fast paced changing environments.  The telecommunications sector has rapidly grown over the last decade and the global reliance on an efficient service has driven developments in the telecommunications sector.  Public reliance and demand on energy has grown with a multimedia driven global network.  Environmental requirements have driven the development of renewable energies and research is continually growing in the fields of energy efficiency in renewable energy generation and delivery.

haifa_4 Haifa_appreciation Haifa_appreciation_1















The JMEE academic teams based in Palestine and professors from the University of Salford invited delegates to come to Expotech and ask questions regarding the Masters course on offer.  Students are able to apply to carry out a portion of their MSc thesis research in Europe.

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JMEE steering Commitee meeting Palestine 2015

By Apr.09, 2015

Looking Ahead

Website image 19

JMEE Steering Committee Meeting was hosted by discussing the achievements of the project over the last sixteen months and planning for rest of the project’s lifetime focussing. The focus was on the launch of the Master programme in September bending the accreditation by the Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (ACAQ).

 Facebook Success

Pending all the visits throughout the week in Palestine the project partners agreed to launch a facebook page.  On the Thursday evening the group was launched and by the following morning it had received 586 likes, and within 24 hours it was close to 1000 likes and it’s reach was far greater.  The students came on-board supporting the programme after the visits throughout the week, they also sought out the academics who visited their institutions and invited to connect with them.  The week of events has been a huge success the project team are now awaiting approval from the ministry of Education in Palestine to run the course and to start recruiting in time for classes to start in September 2015.

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Steps further with JDECO

By Apr.08, 2015

Website image 18

The project team spent a day at JDECO training facility in Jericho.  As a company they recognise how bridging the gap between textbook and actual systems is important and have been one of the first to offer their support to the students.

The Project visit to JDECO was publicised in the press and featured on Palestinian national television.  They launched a Youtube clip in Arabic of the visit to promote their involvement in the development of future engineers.

JDECO has agreed to co-write an agreement with universities to support student development, along the lines of seminars and research work.  Birzeit University are keen to forge a close relationship with JDECO to further research in renewable energy.

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Haifa Takruri- Rizk inspiring students to pursue Postgraduate education

By Apr.07, 2015

The Project team visited Palestine Technical University Kadoorie approx. 100km north of Ramallah where the day was geared towards student development into industry and how this can be achieved in Palestine.

website image 16Haifa presented the project to 150+ students all in engineering and found it refreshing to see a so many females
studying engineering.  When asked about pursuing postgraduate qualifications students were unsure about their careers beyond the degree.


The vibrant audience were interested in seeking opportunities to allow them to study and learn abroad and as Haifa inspired the group students were interested in the programme.  Members from the project team took great interest in student work as they toured the facilities, discussing projects and solutions at some length at times.  The visit impacted upon inspiring student to continue into postgraduate studies, Website image 17and it encouraged Industry representative to get more involved.


The team took the opportunity to start the discussions with industry representatives to become more involved with the universities.  The day was closed by a presentation from the President of the university who encouraged the development of the master programme and to develop further programmes with the university.


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Birzeit University hosts Workshop event

By Apr.06, 2015

The full room heard from Professor Khalil Hindi the President of the Birzeit University and Dr Mustafa Abu Safa Vice President of Academic Affairs at Palestine Polytechnic University who will be jointly making the Masters Programme available to students in Palestine.  Minister Dr. Allam Musa from the ministry of telecommunications was keen to support the development of the Master programme to help support and develop the Palestinian infrastructure.  He noted how refreshing it is to see the programme aiming to bridge the gap between academia and Industry in Palestine and encouraged students to seek further learning to access the sector better.  The development of the ministry’s technical training centre is also encouraging to hear for students seeking a career in telecommunications engineering.

website image 14

A presentation from Eng. Fuad Amleh Chief Planning officer for the Ministry of Power highlighted the plans the ministry has for self-reliance and renewable energies.  The next 10 years are going to see changes in the power sector.  Students were encouraged to explore their opportunities beyond their degree.  Haifa Takruri-Rizk introduced the project and encouraged industry to engage with universities by introducing industry contacts the University of Salford are proud of working with.

The Vice Rector of University of Ruse Bulgaria Professor Mihail Iliev travelled to Palestine in support of the project and to promote the mobility of students through the programme.  Professor Plamen Zahariev explained the Bologne Process and ECTS credits for students looking to make their qualifications mobile across Europe.  Stephane Kreckelberg demonstrated the work their students do with industry and Professor Radu Balan showed how the Mechatronics development work done at their university has opened up the possibilities in electrical engineering.

The project has been very fortunate in receiving support from the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies PITA and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company JDECO.  Dr Yahya Al-Salqan Managing Director of challenged the drive their research to help drive industry forward.  The contribution of the Industry partners has enhanced the Master programme to support students seek careers in these Telecommunications and power sectors.

 Website image 15

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ESTIA Institute of Technology Sept 2014

By Sep.27, 2014

ESTIA has courses, programmes and partnerships with EU and Latin America universities and double diploma programmes in partnership with Spanish University (Bilbao) and British Universities (Canfield, Wolverhampton and Salford).  The MSC model at ESTIA is with involvement of Industry providing practical experience for the students and improving employability for them after graduation.

Website image 12Then the team discussed the courses ESTIA may contribute to. These included Power Converters, Renewable Energy, Smart Gird, Power Quality, and Power Systems, visited a company using a Robotics facility for making powerful composite materials; suitable for airplane frame, wing and tail constructions that proved 30% lighter than the traditional metal used.

The second day entailed a visit to the micro grid labs in St Sebastian, Spain – The laboratory houses JEMA IRIZAR group equipment, generates up to 100kw energy using green energy mainly solar energy and wind power. The Intelligent Microgrid Solutions project’ scope is to create an interoperable micro grid bases on IEEE802.3 standard, aiming to develop a power grid more efficient and reliable, to improve safety and quality of supply for the modern demands of the digital age. This micro intelligent network integrates different renewable generators (micro wind power turbine, PV converters, fuel cell) and storage technology (Super capacitors, Flywheel, Li-ion battery).

Website image 13



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University of Ruse Bulgaria Sept 2014

By Sep.24, 2014

Website image 11

The university has international activities and bilateral agreements with EU universities as well as international universities. UR is the first university to be established outside the capital of Bulgaria.

Visitors learned about the virtual labs and remote connectivity available to students.  They discussed virtualisation technologies and distributed data processing systems, as tools to aid student research and took a tour of the laboratory facilities. Ruse is the largest Cisco certified academy in Bulgaria.

  • Automobile laboratory where students could program and control varied parts of a vehicle (car).
  • Micro-controllers lab where student program PICs (Programmable Integrated Controllers). The physical topology of the virtual laboratory – uses BigBlueButton software, MySQL – Java based and translated in many languages.

The Visit to Ruse showed how the university have made advances in working with industry, how the research is developing in electrical engineering.  Highlighting how the knowledge base at Ruse can help the Master programme and student research.


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Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Romania Sept 2014

By Sep.24, 2014

Website image4

Palestinian Partners visited the European Partners to learn about Renewable energy techniques and student learning programmes at each institution.  The initial visit was to Cluj-Napoca Romania where the team learned the facilities at Cluj.

  • wind energy labs which supply to the grid,
  • multimedia laboratory, where digital mixer, video processing, 4k video cameras, and 3D video projectors are used for research activities & by electronics and telecoms students for image and video processing; employing compression techniques.
  • PhD lab for Renewable Energy; a Project with national grid where different solutions for converting DC to AC using renewable energy sources (photovoltaic & wind power) are implemented.
  • Plasma generators for chemical analysis – analysis of heavy metals as a source of soil pollution.
  • Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics and Robotics.
  • Website image6

Website image 5








The team had a wonderful opportunity to visit one if the greatest Dams in North Romania with a large power output exceeding 80MW; the TARNITA Dam.


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Palestine Visit 23rd-24th April 2014

By May.24, 2014

Website image2

The JMEE team (Palestinian and EU partners) spent the first day at PPU in Hebron. The team was welcomed by the Dr Mustafa Abu Safa (Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the Dean of College of Engineering at PPU, Dr Raed Amro. After discussing the joint programmes and accreditation issues with Prof Kareem Tahboub, Vice President of Scientific Research Council at Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, PPU colleague accompanied the JMEE team on a tour of laboratory facilities and had the chance to meet and talk to other engineering colleagues and students undertaking laboratory exercises.

Dr Al- Salqan (CEO of gave a presentation titled “Inside the Tornado from Textbook to Reality”. The presentation was attended by the JMEE team, members of the Engineering faculty and students of PPU’s Engineering Faculty.

The second day’s meeting was held at Birzeit University. The JMEE team, representatives from relevant industries, government ministries and alumni of the three PS partner universities were welcomed by the President of Birzeit, Prof Khalil Hindi and Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Afif Hasan.

Presentations describing the JMEE project and the necessary collaboration required, from Industry, government and alumni was given by Prof Takruri (Director of JMEE project). Presentations, were heard from Prof. Mohammed M. Al Subu’, Head of the Palestinian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC) and Dr Nedal Jayousi, Palestine Tempus Officer.

Website image3


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