Welcome to the Tempus funded Joint MSc in Electrical Engineering

Over the last three and a half years JMEE has combined the knowledge and know-how of 9 partner organisations to develop a jointly delivered Master programme in Electrical Engineering for the Telecommunication and Energy sectors.  Students are benefiting from an array of experience both from academia and industry to further enhance their careers in either the Telecommunications and Energy sectors. The partners are representatives from both EU and Palestinian universities and from two large industry contributors within Palestine.

The JMEE programme was accredited by AQAC in October 2015 and the first cohort thereafter. So far the programme recruited four cohorts of students. The teams continue to analyse the feedback and content of the courses to ensure regular of improvement.

The JMEE project was funded in 2014 by TEMPUS to promote the exchange of knowledge and know-how between EU universities and institutions in Partner Countries and between Partner Country institutions themselves in various cases. Joint Projects are implemented by the institutions themselves.


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