Meet the team

Daniela Ghio

Daniela (the human not the alpaca*!) is a research psychologist who works at the University of Salford as a lecturer. Her background is working with children and adolescents with health conditions (such as JIA and Eczema) developing websites and animations and making sure they are relevant to young people. Her mum had JIA when she was younger, and Daniela has always wanted to make sure research can be the most helpful for families with JIA. She is keen to make tools that will support children and their families and will be at the art workshops and the parent discussion groups probably asking some questions and taking some notes!

Nickname: Dani

Favourite food: Cheese

Favourite colour: Teal

Pet: a tortoise named Arty

*Alpaca was called Kahlua and they went for a walk together for Dani’s 30th birthday.

Jane Voce

I have been working with the Teapot trust as an Art Therapist since 2014, Initially working at Great Ormond street hospital on the Rheumatology ward. More recently I have been part of the Teapot Trust new initiative of working with groups and individual young people via zoom.

I am looking forward to being part of this exciting project and doing some artwork with the young people taking part.

Favourite food: Melon
Favourite colour: I love all colours
Pets: I would love a Koala bear

I enjoy all art, gardening, swimming and reading.

Kirsty Edwards

Kirsty has been a member of ‘Team Teapot’ since 2014, initially starting as a volunteer. She is now the Art Therapy Projects Manager, meaning she looks after Teapot Trust’s art therapy programmes and is the key link with their hub of art therapists, hospitals, community and charity partners. Kirsty also coordinates Teapot Trust’s Young Voices group, to make sure their services are led by the needs of young people. Kirsty feels privileged to be able to play a part in helping children and young people with chronic conditions, and is excited to work with CCAA and the University of Salford to learn more about how we can best support young people with JIA.

In her spare time, she enjoys trying new arts and crafts and being bossed about by the famous Teapot Trust cockapoo mascot, Lily, pictured with her above!

Favourite food: Nutella

Favourite colour: Green

Pet: Lily the cuddly cockapoo!

Emily Earle

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I volunteer for the charity CCAA! I have 3 children who are 15, 13 and 10. My 13 year old daughter has JIA and was diagnosed when she was 2 which is why I help out with CCAA. I love meeting all the other families and I know that this has helped us. I will let you into a little secret that I used to be a secondary school teacher… but I promise I am less strict these days! These days I love to bake at home especially trying to create extra special birthday cakes for my children – the latest one was a bowl of cereal cake complete with edible bowl! I don’t think it was good enough for Bake Off but it is certainly a bit of fun (apart from the huge mess in the kitchen!) I also love walking by the canal near where we live especially when there are ducklings or goslings to spot. My claim to fame is that I have stood on the stage at Wembley Stadium!!

Nickname: Em  

Favourite food: anything spicy

Favourite colour: Pink

Pet: my children would love one but I am mean and haven’t let them!

Paige Metcalfe

Paige works at the University of Salford and does all things researchy and techy! They work mainly behind the scenes to turn ideas into reality.

Favourite food: Tacos

Favourite colour: Yellow

Renad recently graduated as an orthotist from the University of Strathclyde and is due to start her MSc in Prosthetics and Orthotics in September 2021. She joined the Versus Arthritis internship programme and is working with the University of Salford on this amazing and informative project! Renad is keen on becoming a paediatric orthotist in the future and hopefully apply what she learns from this internship to clinical practice.

In her free time, she enjoys baking for her friends and family and she one day hopes to travel the world. This is a picture of her enjoying the sun in Dunoon, Scotland!

Favourite food: Chocolate

Favourite colour: Red