A student’s perspective on the Library Development Project

By Jul.12, 2016

I am sure you have seen the signage, the presentations, the posts on Facebook, Twitter and the website or even heard from a friend or staff – the Library Development Project has begun!

You may ask why now? Well, I’m sure at some point while using the library, you must have thought, “this library is really crowded” or “these PCs need upgrading” or “the temperature here is not conducive for studying at all” or “there are not enough power sockets!”

Well, I can say that this project will increase the number of study spaces and PCs in the library and create spaces for more diverse and flexible use. Other priorities of the project are to enhance the look and feel of the upper floors of the building, signage, and increase power socket availability and so much more. I mean I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be grateful for the upgrade in lighting and ventilation!

Are you the type that likes complete silence when studying? Well, the project aims to improve zoning so that the silent areas stay silent and work better for you.

Are you postgraduate student? Well, look forward to better facilities to cater to your academic needs.

Maybe you are an Arts & Media student studying in the Adelphi campus? In that case this works out perfectly as Clifford Whitworth Library will be taking in Adelphi book stock, and also be introducing MACs in to the library for the first time. Therefore, improvement of the layout of the books to open up spaces for the incoming ones is vital!

What does this mean for me?

As a student who will be using the library over the summer and up until Christmas, what this means is that there will be times when areas of the library will be closed off, it may be noisy, you may not be able to study in your favourite spot for some time, or use that PC that compares to no other in the library or the university as whole for that matter! It may also mean that you may not be able to have access to books whilst they are being moved from location to another. However this will be mitigated as much as possible be the library team.

How can I work around it? What is the university doing to help me get round this?
Hopefully a bulk of the noisy work will be completed over the summer and therefore you shouldn’t return to too much noise in September. The Library team will try to ensure that students that can’t find the book/Article they need will be able to find an alternative source or reserve the item. There are changes made to enable you to borrow more items so that you can chose where to work – 25 items for 1st and 2nd year undergraduates, 35 items for final year, postgraduates and staff.

In addition, where possible work will be done in the evening and overnight to avoid disruption during the day and the contractors will put in sound proofing measures in order to deaden the noise.
Other university buildings opening hours will be extended such as Chapman and Lady Hale. Pop-up study areas will also be set up around campus e.g. Chapman.

Please bear in mind that this is a two year project and its timeline will repeat itself again in the 2017/2018 academic year (June – December). Student feedback (NSS, Library feedback cards, staff student committees) and evaluation of when the library is most often used through the academic year has been a deciding factor in the phasing of the project up in this manner, as it will have the least disruption for students.

We have taken into account your feedback and this is us actively doing something about it!

To keep in touch and updated please visit regularly the library development project website. This will help you plan your visit to the library.
For further engagement follow @TheLibraryUoS and use the #LibraryInThePark for latest developments.

Ade Abegunde
Former Vice President, University of Salford Students’ Union
Member of the Library Development Project User Group

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