Library Development Project update August 2016

By Aug.18, 2016

It’s a really busy time for the project as Adelphi Library closed on 17th August and on 18th August stock started to arrive at Clifford ready for shelving.


The majority of the stock will go on the ground floor with a smaller amount of interfiling on the first floor. We have about 50,000 items to get on to the shelves, and we are expecting it to take about two weeks.  This is a major milestone for the project and one which it will be good to see completed.


Work continues on the second floor and progress is really good. I donned hard hat in mid August and had a site visit, along with some members of the Project Board and the project manager from our contractors, Harry Faircloughs. The strip out of the floor is now complete (this is basically where the area is stripped back to bare walls, floors and ceilings ready for the new treatments to go in).  We are on to what is called “first fix” – the partition walls, plumbing and electrical infrastructure are all being installed.  Work continues on upgrading the ventilation, which I’m told means that we won’t hear the building wheezing as the air is circulated through it in the future.  Shame.



The final photo below shows the area where the new PGR suite is. What you can see here is the front of the suite with the meeting room now constructed.  Its really exciting to see the two dimensional floor plans which we have pored over for so long now coming to life, and one can actually start to get a feel for what it will look like once completed. Exciting.


Sue Hoskins
Library Development Project Client Lead

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