Project update – October 2016

By Oct.03, 2016

“Check it out” now to avoid disruption

Starting on 10th October we will be entering a period of disruption as, overnight, large amounts of stock is moved from the ground floor up to the second floor and from the first floor down to the ground floor. We are currently expecting the second floor to open in the week beginning 17th October and the first floor to close at the same time. The period of disruption is likely to last until the end of October.

In this two week build up to the 10th you are strongly encouraged to check your reading lists and take out any books to ensure you have access to what you need . We’ve increased your loans to help you.


The floor is really starting to come together, carpets have been delivered and will be fitted in the Postgraduate Research area this week.




Print hub area now painted in the lovely pea green colour which will be the accent colour for the floor. The colour will be picked up in furniture. Boxes of carpet tiles on left waiting to be laid.



Most of the bench seating, study areas and timber structures are now in place. Frames have gone in for the new glazed partitions which will transform the look of the floor.




Staff office – the frame for the glazing for the office wall in place.




Raised corner area showing bench style study areas on the left. This area will have the grass effect (i.e. green) carpet and deckchairs to tie in with the park theme. The area has great views over Chapman square.




Timber partitions which will form the study booths on the floor. Photo is taken looking towards the doors to the link bridge to Lady Hale.




Kitchen area in Postgraduate Research space.


Sue Hoskins

Library Development Project Client Lead



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