Not just Clifford Whitworth.… there are loads of Library PC and study spaces across the University

By May.03, 2017

If you find that Clifford Whitworth is too busy for you over the exam period or you would prefer to study in an area close to your lectures, don’t despair. We have PCs and study spaces across the campus – in Maxwell, Peel, Chapman, Allerton and Mary Seacole.

What’s on offer?

In Maxwell there are three rooms on the ground floor with 59 PCs available for you to use: in Peel there are rooms on the lower ground floor offering a further 50 PCs.

















Across the railway lines from New Adelphi there is the Allerton Learning Space, just a short ten minute walk from Chapman Square. This area offers a large study area with furniture to suit a range of study styles, a large PC suite with just under 100 PCs, an enquiry desk staffed with people who can help you with your studies, lockers, laptop loans and a large group study room with a PC, large screen and whiteboards.
















In the same building, on the ground floor is the B’Hive, opened just a couple of months ago, this has a range of group study rooms with additional screens, a relaxation area with a TV to help you unwind and spaces for active and collaborative learning.

Not to forget the PC suite which is in Mary Seacole Building.


Back at Chapman Square, just opposite Clifford Whitworth is the Chapman pop-up library, offering a relaxed study space, laptop loans, a large PC and study area, and five group study rooms each with a screen to plug in a laptop.
















Make the most of all these different study spaces and, of course, Clifford Whitworth Library with its newly refurbished floors which is available to help your studies at any time of the day or night. And good luck with your exams.

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