Arthur Siuksta is a Professional Sound & Video Technology graduate from the University of Salford who helped produce The Making of Engels’ Beard, a documentary detailing the construction of Jai Redman’s sculpture.

The nearly 4m high sculpture and bouldering wall was installed outside the New Adelphi this September, and was commissioned as a new addition to the University’s arts collection, which numbers over 600 pieces. Read our interview with Arthur to find out more about the project and his time at Salford, and then watch the short film below.

How did you get involved with filming The Making of Engels’ Beard?

I found out about it via my course leader, Dave Eustace. There was a competition between students who wanted to participate and we had to send in our CV’s and covering letters. I was one of those who decided to try my luck. I had a bit of an advantage, as I had some great experience working with different companies like 247.TV filming live sports events, and the BBC filming news packages for North West Tonight. Luckily I received an offer and accepted it.

What do you think about the Engels’ Beard project?

It’s a great example of raising awareness of historical moments and people who lived in Salford and their lives. It’s also great that the University of Salford provided the chance for students to get involved in the project.

Can you describe a moment during filming that really stood out to you?

I came back to the art studio about a month after I first saw the huge stack of plastic bricks sitting in the main hall. When I returned they’d been built into Engels’ head!

How did your course help you create The Making of Engels’ Beard?

My course helped me to gain filming skills, especially interviewing, which was very important as this was a documentary based project. Wilfred Darlington, my video tutor, gave me a lot of knowledge and experience by getting me involved in different projects. He also recommended me for the summer placement at BBC News.

How did you find your time at the University of Salford overall?

I enjoyed it. The University of Salford gave me a chance to become a professional in an industry where I have always wanted to work. Since I’ve graduated two companies have offered me the opportunity to work with them on a full-time basis. I was selected from 400 applicants for the Videographer role at Ultimate Performance Fitness Company, where I’m working now and really enjoying it. Looking back I can say that without the University and hard work, I would never have got that job. The University gave me confidence, so I feel that I can choose what direction my future goes in.

Are there any major highlights of your time here?

I’ve had lots of highlights during my three years at Salford. When I started my course, I decided that I should focus on achieving great results, so every year I finished with first class marks. I tried to be active in University life: in my first year, I was nominated as a student representative, where I actively tried to push my idea of buying new video equipment for students. I explained how students would benefit from working with high-end cameras to get better results and at the start of the 3rd year, my course leader told me that the University had approved my request. That’s one of my major highlights as a student rep and a great achievement for the University.

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

I work at Ultimate Performance Fitness Company, where I hold the position of Videographer. I film and edit video content that goes on the social media accounts and website. Soon I’m travelling to Spain to film a commercial for the company as they are based around the world.