Did attending our Summer School 2017 make a group of year 10 students think differently about their future? We asked 5 attendees about their career plans…

Hi, my name is Ashanti and I’m from Oasis Academy.

I study 6 GCSEs: Geography, Catering, Sports Studies and all other core subjects.

Before university, I’d like to take a gap year and go traveling. This will allow me to build my confidence and social skills and means that I can focus on myself and the future.

Once graduated, I would like to get a part time job in my chosen subject, as well as starting my own business.

Since coming to Summer School for these 3 days, it’s given me an insight to what I want to do in the future. I have a variety of different paths that I could go down, like Zoo Veterinarian or Zoo Keeper, midwifery or sports.

In my opinion, I think that having a variety of ideas and keeping your options open for the future is helpful because if one path doesn’t work out, maybe another will. Another one of my plans for the future is to gain as much experience as possible in all areas of work I want to do.

Hiya, my name is Chloe and I am 15 years old.

I am studying 6 GCSEs at the moment: Art, R.E, Geography, English, Maths and Science.

I want to go to Wigan and Leigh College to do an apprenticeship in childcare and some work experience before working in a children’s nursery. To do this, I would have to get 5 Cs, including Maths and English.

I want to do childcare because I love working with babies and disabled children. I have also done a lot of babysitting for my mum and other members of my family. I need to get an NVQ and social skills, as well as employment rights and responsibilities.

Hi, my name is Ellie and I’m a year 10 student.

My dream job for the future is to become either an RSPCA inspector or a Veterinary Nurse – either of these jobs would make me very happy to have. Both of these jobs require me to have at least 5 GCSEs and at least one A in either Chemistry or Biology.

Once I finish my last year in high school, I will be hoping to apply for Salford City College. I will hopefully go on to study Animal Management and some other subjects which I enjoy for 2 years.

When in college, I will start looking out for universities that I may want to visit for open days to see which is the right one for me. I want to go to a university that offers a Veterinary Nursing course which I can study and get a Central Qualifications Diploma for Veterinary Nursing Assistants, Diploma in Animal Nursing, ABC Certificate for Animal Nursing Assistants or Veterinary Nursing degree.

During university, I would like to find a job nearby which allows me to work with animals. This will be a good opportunity for me when applying for jobs because I will have had a lot of experience with animals. I would also use my wages for driving lessons and my own car after passing. These kind of jobs require me to be able to drive.

When I finish university, I want to start looking for anywhere I can apply to work at, such as the RSPCA or a vets. This will allow me to complete the final steps for my dream job.


Hello, my name is Tanya. I am in year 10 and I currently study at Rose Bridge Academy.

The GCSE subjects that I have picked are Art, Computer Science and Performing Arts. I like to do these subjects because they really interest me and I enjoy learning more about these subjects.

My plans for the future are to go to Wigan and Leigh College or St. John Rigby to study Health and Social Care or Travel and Tourism.

When I’m older, I might go to university, it depends on what I do in college.

Summer School has changed my mind about university, in a good way. At first, I was worrying about the cost and whether or not I would pass my degree. After being told about the student loans available and how the lecturers help you, I am considering going to university if they offer the course I choose to do.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am in year 10.

I am currently studying Hair and Beauty, Computing, Art and R.E.

When I am older, I would love to carry out one of my dream jobs – either a police officer or to join the army and train to become high up as an officer.

Coming to Summer School has really changed my opinion of going to university, in a good way. Before coming here, I was getting stressed about university and how expensive it is. I was also worrying about the accommodation and lectures.

However, when I came here, the ambassadors were great. They helped me understand a lot more about where to go and what to do. They talked me through all the financial options and explained how easy it is to get help with this. They explained the differences between high school and university, which means I won’t get as much of a shock when it comes to it. I also know a lot more about A levels and AS levels.

I believe that year 10 is one of the most important school years because it’s the time to work out what you want to do in the future. My advice is if you get any opportunity to go to a Summer School, take it because it is a huge help.

Once I get into college, I will be studying Public Services and near to the end of college, I will apply for university by filling out a form on UCAS. Hopefully I would be able to get a degree in either Public Services or Sport, so that when I join one of the services, I will be going in at a higher rank.

The Summer School has helped me overcome most of my fears and allowed me to become more of an independent person. I have also made new friends, who I will hopefully get to see again.