Our year 10 Summer School 2017 attendee Abdul shares a very unique perspective on the 3 days he spent at the University of Salford…

Before I came here, I thought everything would be very dull and boring: lectures, teachers and students revising like robots.

That was not the case…

When first stepping onto campus, I saw two old buildings. One was a library and one was a museum. It reminded me of Hogwarts, not a theme I liked. However, as the tour went on, I saw an intense collage of colour. Mostly green, which showed that vegetation and the carbon footprint was really cared for. There were a cluster of bins every two metres on campus, for getting rid of plastic, paper and other general waste.

Within the first hour of our first day, we were all thrown into the deep end and had to socialise with strangers. We were forced into making new accomplices, which made a few people feel uncomfortable. However, it worked out beneficial for all of us as we got to know each other much quicker than we would have naturally.

We then explored our surroundings and put our stamina to the test. At the end of the day, we were pushed to the limit with an intense practical in the heat. We were drowning in our own sweat by the end of the unexpected test. Myself and a new friend came out victorious over the rest. We had overcome the challenge and that was by far the best thing about the first day.

After a delayed train and a long journey to the university, we finally arrived at the Nursing campus on our second day. We we met our patient, John Brown. Little did John Brown know, he was about to die at least twice in the next hour.

John was a dummy who could move, speak, breathe and bleed. After we realised that he had died, we learned how to give him CPR and resuscitate him. After a few minutes, he came back to life. We then moved into a different room where we learned about blood pressure. I learned that I have extremely hard to find arteries and I’d be a great person to train on.

I really enjoyed the nursing experience and the high tech simulations on the campus. I might consider studying Nursing in the future.

Here are some photographs which show what we got up to during the Summer School: