Ahhh coffee… a student’s best friend. It is scientifically proven that a cup of coffee can boost your concentration and memory, so let’s put it to the test. We’re talking coffee machines, homemade banana bread, quirky baristas, awkward dates and main character coffee lovers putting a photo of their heart shaped oat flat whites on Instagram. So, let’s go on a coffee shop crawl and hit up the best spots near campus!

1. GK Gallery and Tea Room

With just a 10 minute walk from the Peel Park campus, GK Gallery and Tea Room is the perfect place to pick up a coffee and a slice of cake. Coffee not your thing? They also have a beautiful range of specialised tea. So, pull up a chair in this bright relaxed environment and take a look around the art gallery. Or, take a seat outside and enjoy the summer sunshine with an iced coffee.

2. Procaffeinated

Procaffeinated is only a 12 minute walk from Peel Park campus. Good food, good coffee and lovely baristas. This café will have you studying and working hard but with a grin on your face. The main study motivation here is the #goodvibes. Procaffeinated will help your reach those top marks with their ‘yoga and brunch’ mornings. Start the morning with some wellbeing stretches and poses, followed by a vegan brunch then get stuck into studying. Did I mention that they bake their own bread? Their freshly baked sourdough bread is *chef’s kisses*.

3. Inner West

Inner West is just under a 20 minute walk from campus. This new spot is great for taking selfies (lots of windows) or getting that insta-worthy coffee pic. With a great selection of pastries and cakes, you’re spoilt for choice. My top tip – get the Malteser chocolate croissant… Seriously, I wake up at night thinking about it… it was truly magical. Spot the coffee and croissant I had recently in this video here. Make sure you are wearing sun cream when you sit outside as this corner is a little suntrap. So, catch those rays, get your vitamin D and reach that word count on your assignment !

4. The TreeHouse

This hidden gem is just a 20 minute walk from the Peel Park campus. Thirsty? Good! They have a delicious range of drinks from freshly squeezed orange juice, house blend coffees, a range of herbal tees and a new espresso tonic! Why not grab an all-day breakfast or fluffy buttermilk pancakes while your there? I recommend booking because this can be a busy one. Grab a loyalty card when you are there and count up your coffees towards a free one! I recommend the full English breakfast-yum, I am hungry thinking of it. They also offer student discount!

5. Hampton and Vouis

Moving further afield, you can grab a great coffee in Manchester city centre. Hampton and Vouis is one of my favourites. You can get some quirky drinks here like a turmeric latte or a cinnamon roll smoothie shake. Grab an acai bowl or sourdough toastie (my favourite is the poached eggs, serrano ham and goats’ cheese one). Check out their Instagram to get your mouth watering…. Try not get too distracted people watching out the window!

6. Chapter One

If you’re not shaking from all the coffee already on our coffee crawl, then this is a must stop spot (only 38 minutes from campus). Is it a coffee shop? Is it a bookstore? It’s both! Enjoy specialised coffee and tea in a relaxing atmosphere. Chapter One is open later than most cafes so you can ensure you get the days work done before going home. All coffees, tea and specialty drinks are £3 (no extra charge for decaf, alternative milks, whipped cream, sprinkles or syrups). Get lost in a book or crack on with your university work and have a productive day. You can also join some of their workshops and make a dream catcher. Then work towards making your dreams come true. You know the saying – ‘Hard Work Makes the Dream Work’.

7. Feel Good Club

We’re now in Northern Quarter. The trendiest part of town. Cardio exercise improves your overall brain performance and increases your self-esteem and self-confidence. So, stick on an empowering playlist and strut yourself to Feel Good Club, which is a 40 minute walk away. The more empowering the playlist, the faster you get there (I think I could do it in 15 minutes with Lizzo on!). Whether you’re here to catch up with a friend, or start on your assignments, this is a large place with a variety of different seating to suit your needs. Each week they host ‘Talking Tuesdays’ from 11am-3pm where they designate a laptop-free space in the club for the opportunity to have a chat and meet someone new. 

Remember, usually behind every completed assignment is a caffeinated student. Let me know your favourite coffee shops in Salford and Manchester !

We use the term walking in an inclusive way including the use of mobility aids. Nonetheless, we recognise that some people who use wheeled mobility aids, for example a wheelchair or mobility scooter user, may not identify with the term walking and may prefer to use the term wheeling.