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Guest Bloggers

Posts (47) by: University of Salford

We're the University of Salford Social Media Team, showcasing great stories from our amazing students.

Posts (7) by: Charlotte

Hi, I'm Charlotte, a first year student studying BA Multimedia Journalism- when I'm not throwing myself into a mosh pit or following a band on tour, that is!

Posts (31) by: Emma

Hey! I'm Emma, a second year Broadcast Journalism student at the University of Salford. I love a good chat, a good challenge and a good cup of coffee.

Posts (3) by: University of Salford

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Posts (41) by: Helena

Hi I'm Helena and I'm currently studying English Language and Creative Writing. Lived in Manchester all my life. My favourite things include bookshops, poetry and hot chocolates with excessive amounts of cream and marshmallows. ☕🐝

Posts (5) by: lawatsalford

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Posts (6) by: Jacob

Hi, it's Jacob here. Currently doing Masters in Production Management at University of Salford. In my free time I love to make films. Positive attitude!