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Sam Barlow – Student progression assistant

30 June 2016

Student Progression Assistant Flyer V2 (3) - Copy


Experiencing issues that are affecting your studies…

| Attendance | Anxiety & Stress | Exams & Submissions |
| Loneliness | Money Worries | Homesickness | Bullying |
| Personal Issues | Disabilities | Work / Study Balance |
| Study, Catch-Up & Revision Skills | Health & Well-Being |

As a first point of contact – not affiliated with a particular academic area of study – for anyone who may be struggling or just needs somebody to talk to. I provide in-school advice and information on all of the University support services and can help refer you to the appropriate people who are most suited to help. As a recent graduate myself, I understand the struggles associated with student life and can provide reassurance and guidance to all students of all levels. read more