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National Apprenticeship Week: Are Industry Designed Degree Apprenticeships the Future ?

As part of  National Apprenticeship Week we reflect on the current state of apprenticeships in the UK and look ahead to the arrival of industry designed degree apprenticeships, before revealing how you can save 40% off our upcoming ‘Post 16 learning and apprenticeship conference


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Young Entrepreneurs: 6 Reasons Why Starting Your Own Business After University Might Be Right For You!

The Golden Age For Young Entrepreneurs

There was a record number of over 600k new start-ups last year, which is expected to be surpassed in 2016. As Lord Young expressed in his 5 year report on small businesses in the UK, ‘we are in a golden age for small firms’. It is not just well established professionals starting their own businesses, but internet savvy students are also turning their backs on the corporate life after their studies and setting up their own companies.


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Science Lesson from Space!

British astronaut, Tim Peake, became the first Brit to take part in a successful spacewalk, after travelling into space on 15th December 2015. He frequently documents his experiences at the ISS space station by posting videos online and speaking via satellite. On 2nd February 2016, following a successful broadcast on Christmas Day, he answered questions from school children as part of an effort to educate children about space.

Time peake

300,000 children interact with British Astronaut from their classrooms


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Funded Tickets Available for the ‘Future of Government ICT Conference’

Future of Government ICT Conference

Salford Professional Development will be hosting the ‘Future of Government ICT Conference’ the venue for the day will be the AJ Bell Stadium on the 29th of the January. High level speakers from both government and industry will be debating and discussing the current state of the government’s wide ranging ICT agenda, and the challenges and barriers the government faces to save time, money, and improve the environment through improved government ICT.psp

Key Talking Points

ICT plays a crucial role in reducing public expenditure, saving civil servants time, and helping to improve the government’s green credentials. The sweeping changes have come as a result of the digital revolution, creating endless opportunity for government ICT. In the wake of this,the government has introduced a number of digital initiatives.

Founded in 2011 The Government Digital Service (GDS) set out to promote, provide and transform the provision of digital services. Following the ‘Digital by Default’ 26 points check list, which has since been formed into a more concise 18 point list. Part of the wider development of DirectGov since the Directgov 2010 and beyond: revolution not evolution’ report. All of which is focused on delivering user centric government services.


The Department for Pensions have reportedly made annual savings of anywhere between £1 billion and 2.7 billion after overhauling their ICT system, when introducing universal credit. Highlighting the positive impact high quality government ICT can have on public expenditure, the time spent by civil servants and the government’s green agenda.

 Secure Your Funded place

Current and Future Government ICT initiatives will be discussed and debated at next weeks conference. We have limited funded places available, please contact Chris Reynolds on 0161 295 3612 or alternatively email for further details.

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Leadership in 2015

What Makes a Successful Leader?

What makes a great leader is often debated with countless ‘Top 10s’ and ‘Leadership blogs’ yet the answer is far from straight forward.

“Debate is common about which leadership style is most effective. The answer of course… it all depends” Thomas Kohntopp

We have taken inspiration from events and leaders who have paved the way in terms of leadership in 2015, take a look.



Leaders inspire their team by doing the ordinary things well, whilst continually striving to achieve the extraordinary. Tim Peake is a stand out example of inspiring others during 2015 he became the first British astronaut to go to the international space station. Millions of people around the world watched in admiration as his soyuz rocket launched into space. Tim Peake dreamt of going to space and his courage, commitment and belief has seen him achieve his ultimate dream. Selected ahead of 8,412 other applicants, he spent 6 months in training, learnt Russian and relocated his family before embarking on his journey to space. His 6 month stint at the international Space is sure to inspire millions of people to pursue their own dreams and ambitions. Read more…..

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6 out of 10 Entrepreneurs are in Full Time Work When They Start Their Business


It began as a pilot scheme at the end of 2014, with only 99 applications accepted. Due to the success of the initiative, IoD took the decision to accept 99 new members every quarter during 2015. Members benefit from IoD support and advice, as well as free networking events with fellow IoD99 members. Read more…..

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The Northern Powerhouse in 2016

The Northern Powerhouse is a phrase which is frequently used amongst northern business leaders and political parties. However a recent study found that nearly half of people in the North of England are unaware of the Northern Powerhouse. The Manchester Evening News reported the most unusual hotel requests in the city during 2015, one of which was ‘Where would I find the Northern Powerhouse?’. Yet the importance of the Northern Powerhouse on the Northern Economy, infrastructure and industry is unprecedented. Our recent Conference explored key themes around the Powerhouse. Read more…..

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Introducing ONECPD Membership


This month Salford Professional Development launched its new membership initiative, providing customers with an unrivalled membership service. ONECPD is designed to reward loyalty, share knowledge and create a professional network all in one place. Become a member today and receive 10% off your first online booking. Read more…..

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Future of Hospitals: 2020health Q&A

  1. We are very pleased to have 2020health speaking and hosting at the Future of Hospitals conference. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers, and explain the great work 2020health do?


2020health was formed in 2006 in response to the gaps in both front-line involvement in policy thinking and development, and consideration of how healthcare could benefit from developing digital technologies. We are a social enterprise, independent organisation funded mostly through unrestricted educational grants. Our research has covered themes as diverse as the pricing of medicines, Health IT, the future of nursing, depression and genetics and we know that our work is highly regarded by those at all levels looking for solutions!

Campaigns that have emanated from 2020health’s research include a Head of Wellbeing for schools; the right to have a Personal Health Budget and Personal Health Record for those with long-term conditions; for a cross-departmental government task force on obesity as well as the ‘Health Tech and You’ Awards, a personal digital health awards partnership with Axa PPP and the Design Museum. The name 2020health references Julia’s background as an optometrist and the need for clear vision for policy, it’s not our sell-by date!



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Does the ‘Digital Society’ Include Rural Areas?

Super Fast Broadband

Huge strides have been made in delivering broadband to all parts of the UK, with nearly one in three receiving superfast Broadband.

Ofcom’s strategic review concluded that this improvement has been down to a number of government initiatives, yet 54% of those living in rural areas are not satisfied with the government’s programme to improve broadband in rural areas.


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