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Five Reasons Why The Construction Industry Should Embrace BIM

Over the last few years, the construction industry has been revolutionised by the introduction of new technology, helping it to become more efficient in the way it works. BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is the technology aiming to do just that.


Described as a “Game Changer” by UK Government, BIM is a coordinated series of processes set up to make the construction of buildings and infrastructures more efficient, incorporating aspects such as design, planning and creating throughout a project’s life cycle. Sounds complicated? It’s pretty straight forward really and the benefits of the technology will become clear to you; here are five reasons why the construction industry should embrace BIM.

Modernising the Industry

In 2011, the government outlined plans to transform the construction sector to create more efficient ways of working at all stages of project life cycles and wants companies to implement their plans by 2016. That’s where BIM comes in. BIM technology has been designed to modernise and revolutionise the construction industry from the initial concept stage right to the total lifespan of the building, essentially planning for the future. With the use of 3D design of the building, contractors will be able to see every aspect of the design from the materials needed to the problems they face and their schedule. You can find out more about The Future of BIM beyond 2016 at our conference at the University of Salford.


Planning Ahead Efficiently

BIM helps contractors plan ahead with their projects. Not only does the technology allow you to attach any construction plans and required building materials to the schedule, it allows contractors to understand the exact point of where the project is at, making sure everything is up to date and happening on time. Because many teams will be working on projects at one time, BIM allows for better communication and decision making between them, helping to avoid any potential problems that can arise throughout a job.


A Perfect Fit

Because every aspect of the building is designed digitally, any issues and problems surrounding the construction can be eliminated online beforehand. That means everything should fit perfectly when the time comes to construction and reduces the costs and the time having to redesign! Another advantage of the 3D design is that it reduces waste as you can order in the exact materials needed for your project.


Increases Site Safety

One very important aspect about BIM is that it allows contractors to assess on site safety at all times. Because BIM uses a 3D model allowing everyone involved to see the progression of the projects, it means potential problems and safety issues can be seen and dealt with before they arise, reducing the risk of a health and safety breach on site.


Faster Delivery of Projects

So, by planning ahead with projects, it can save a lot of time and help deliver projects bang on schedule. Anything that helps speed up delivery of jobs and projects is always going to go down well with clients and, of course, the contractors themselves; increased efficiency means more business! As mentioned above, BIM is a fantastic tool to help contractors to get ahead of projects and make sure they are coordinated efficiently. It can help spot any problems in a plan before they happen, giving contractors the opportunity to iron them out which will save a lot of time and effort in the long run. Most issues can be flagged up during the design stage too, helping to minimize problems happening when it comes to constructing it.


There are many more reasons why BIM is a fantastic new technology and why the construction industry should to continue to embrace it. To find out what the future holds for BIM beyond 2016, why not check out our conference held at the University of Salford.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Good point, in recent time BIM combined with virtual reality can bring really cool results.


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