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The Future of Digital Housing Conference: Agile 365 Insight

In the run up to the Digital Housing Conference 2018, we will be sharing some insight about the digital housing landscape and refreshing what we have already learned from previous events.

You can learn about the latest Digital Housing trends for this year’s event here. 

Alternatively, you can go straight to the 2018 event page and learn about this year’s speakers here.

This insight is from 365 Agile, a previous digital housing event sponsor, and was gathered for last year’s Digital Housing conference with a view to showcase the work they do and how their support and services can help improve your company’s digital development.

Q1) Please could you give a brief overview of 365 Agile?

Agile allows people to access all of the information stored in disparate systems securely and easily from their tablet or smart phone. The solution is highly flexible and can be configured to allow Field-based teams and customers to access services and work more efficiently. The solution allows you to remove paperwork and manual data entry to improve efficiency and automate tasks.

Q2) What attracted you to the event?

Agile is used by over 35,000 people working in the social housing sector and over 12,000 customers who enjoy self-service directly from their smart phones. The product was newly developed using the very latest technology and is already recognised as the leading solution to allow Field-based teams and Customers to access digital services. Welfare reform and recent budget cuts means that is essential that organisations reduce costs, streamline processes whilst improving customer service. Agile is an ‘enabler’ and will integrate with all of your back-office systems, data and documents.

Q3) How can 365 Agile help support those looking to digitalise their services?

Agile will work with your existing systems to provide a single pane of glass for all of your field-based teams and customers. Many back office systems claim to have ‘mobile capability’ but with customer data in lots of places users just end up with lots of apps on their device. Instead Agile provides a flexible single application that integrates into every system meaning that people work from one place and tasks can be automated, admin and paperwork become a thing of the past. You can find out how it works by visiting our see how it works video, watch here.

Q4) Any further advice?.

Agile has already helped many organisations realise their ambition of working smarter. Agile is IoT ready and we are able to provide a range of Smarty sensors that will allow you to reshape your operational service models. Agile will allow your organisation to become ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ thus improving efficiencies and making people’s lives easier. The solution works natively across all platforms and is available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows App Stores. We have a customer case study available, click here . This should help organisations understand the power and flexibility of the solution.

If you would like to attend The Future of Digital Housing Conference and Exhibition ‘Transforming housing services through technology’ please book here.




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