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The Future of Digital Housing Conference: Lanway Insight

In the run up to the Digital Housing Conference 2018, we will be sharing some insight about the digital housing landscape and refreshing what we have already learned from previous events.

You can learn about the latest Digital Housing trends for this year’s event here. 

Alternatively, you can go straight to the 2018 event page and learn about this year’s speakers here.

This insight is from Lanway, a previous digital housing event sponsor, and was gathered for last year’s Digital Housing conference with a view to showcase the work they do and how their support and services can help improve your company’s digital development.

Q1) Please could you give a brief overview of Lanway?

Lanway are an I.T. & Communications services business specialising in business transformation through the effective deployment of technology solutions.  We take a tremendous amount of pride in helping align our customers I.T & Comms strategy to their business strategy, and playing a part in the success it brings.

We have been in business for 23 years, during which we have gained a huge amount of experience and insight, specifically around our client engagement and acquisition strategy. Our business growth is largely credited to how engaged our people are in delivering best-in-class service, that holds the customer at the heart of everything we do – all of which is underpinned by our businesses mission, vision and values.

Our expertise has been recognised by the vendor community by way of our multiple, top-level accreditations and awards for specialisations within our field. Our mission as a business is about helping customers realise their own potential by implementing transformational, modern I.T in a way that suits their business today and prepares them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Q2) What attracted you to the event?

In short, we specialise in business transformation; realising potential by aligning I.T strategy to corporate strategy. The Future of Digital Housing Conference gives us a platform to demonstrate how our technical expertise and partner eco system addresses the needs of the housing association community. Consequently, we have had a dedicated housing team for 6 years, with a good understanding of the housing market.  Alongside this, we have multiple board level peer-to-peer relationships with our housing clients.

Q3) How can Lanway help support those looking to digitalise their services?

There are a number of ways in which Lanway can help.

  • We are specialists in deploying turnkey infrastructure solution platforms, and end point/mobile device technology.
  • Lanway hold multiple vendor and industry accreditations and specialisms that enable us to constantly innovate and inspire clients through our technical knowledge, IT applications and services.
  • We understand implicitly the business gains and demonstrable value that our clients can achieve through the adoption of Lanway’s cloud and hybrid solutions.

Q4) Any further advice?

Engaging with Lanway is easy. We are always happy to meet up and hear about your business strategy and get a feel for where your pain points are.  If this sounds of interest we would encourage you to get in touch with us. We can introduce you to new concepts that develop efficiencies, grow employee engagement, save money and increase competitive advantage.

If you would like to attend The Future of Digital Housing Conference and Exhibition ‘Transforming housing services through technology’ please book here.


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