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Future of Digital Housing: Sponsor Insight

Future of Digital Housing: Sponsor Insight

In the run up to the Digital Housing Conference 2018, we will be sharing some insight about the digital housing landscape and refreshing what we have already learned from previous events.

You can learn about the latest Digital Housing trends for this year’s event here. 

Alternatively, you can go straight to the 2018 event page and learn about this year’s speakers here.

This insight is from Property Tectonics, a previous digital housing event sponsor, and was gathered for last year’s Digital Housing conference with a view to showcase the work they do and how their support and services can help improve your company’s digital development.

Property Tectonics Overview

We are Property Tectonics, a property & construction consultancy with a difference. We deliver innovation, creativity and quality in the built environment by beautifully fusing expertise with intelligent software. Our strength is our ability to provide joined up thinking and joined up services to deliver customer focused integrated solutions.

We have been suppliers of innovative solutions to the social housing sector for over 30 years. Our software, Lifespan Housing, manages over 250,000 properties throughout the UK. All of our software is fully integrated, including government approved energy software. Crucially we understand the importance of the customer journey from start to finish – collect, store and report. We pride ourselves on building innovation, developing mobile solutions, and real time data connectivity. Collaboration with Salford University highlights our intent, to continue to be pioneers and leaders in our industry.

Future of Digital Housing Conference

Professor Trevor Mole owner of Property Tectonics will be speaking at the Future of Digital Housing conference. He will be discussing why housing in the UK should embrace digital technologies, creating a better, more sustainable future. Housing associations and authorities will need to adopt new technologies and integrated data sources. The transition could prove to be complex, yet its outcome would lead to improved customer and tenant relationships. The Future of Digital Housing Conference will underline the importance of digital housing on the housing sector, and how digitalising services will play a significant role in delivering digital inclusion to all.

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If you would like to attend The Future of Digital Housing Conference and Exhibition ‘Transforming housing services through technology’ please book here.




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