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Future of Digital Housing: Orchard Insight

Future of Digital Housing: Sponsor Insight

In the run up to the Digital Housing Conference 2018, we will be sharing some insight about the digital housing landscape and refreshing what we have already learned from previous events.

You can learn about the latest Digital Housing trends for this year’s event here. 

Alternatively, you can go straight to the 2018 event page and learn about this year’s speakers here.

This insight is from Orchard, a previous digital housing event sponsor, and was gathered for last year’s Digital Housing conference with a view to showcase the work they do and how their support and services can help improve your company’s digital development.

Q1) Please could you give a brief overview of Orchard?

With over 35 years of experience we are Orchard, the UK’s leading independent provider of specialist software solutions to the public and social housing sectors – but our expertise is just the tip of the iceberg. Continual investment in our products, people and culture ensures that innovation and customer experience are two of the cornerstones on which our business, and its success, is built.

Our philosophy is one of hard work, integrity and reliability, both in our solutions and in the way we conduct our business. With our welcoming approach, we listen intently to customers’ needs, establish connections and develop a unique, flexible working relationship. In a world increasingly dominated by electronic communication, ecommerce and impersonal service, a company like Orchard still takes the personal approach. We’ve set strong guiding philosophies about the way we do business. Along with our agile solutions, we have developed an identity of which our staff and customers can be proud.

Q2)What attracted you to the event?

We are looking forward to meeting our customers that are attending the conference and making new contacts. We are also looking forward to networking as well as having the opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to pick up new ideas based on the current thinking.

As a company that supports Housing businesses and provides digital solutions for our customers, we’re looking forward to attending an event specifically focused on the future of digital services for the housing sector. The use of digital services and social media is increasing and we believe that digital solutions are key to helping the sector meet the challenges it faces over the coming years and a way of delivering digital by default strategies. Digital is at the heart of our strategic roadmap for the future.

Q3) How can Orchard Housing help support those looking to digitalise their services?

Orchard Housing is an easy to use software application, giving social housing organisations a multifunctional, comprehensive and up to date management system in which daily tasks can be carried out more simply, efficiently and quickly. We remain as dedicated as we have always been to providing agile and effective solutions – whilst our hunger for innovation grows. We are always open to new ideas, fresh thinking and imagination.

What can Orchard do for you? Simply put – we can make it easier for you to manage your business.

Join us for the 2018 digital housing event

If you would like to attend The Future of Digital Housing Conference and Exhibition so that you can help to transform housing services through technology’, you can book your tickets here.



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