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The importance of cyber security with Frank Satterwhite

Frank Satterwhite NATO style cyber securityAs a cyber security specialist / independent consultant at NATO, Frank Satterwhite has in-depth insight into the best practice on how to protect online assets with cyber defence strategies. While Frank is not a spokesperson for NATO or the military, he has extensive experience in NATO, Coalition, and military environments.

He is now sharing his skills and experience with the next wave of cyber security professionals that are to emerge from the Certified Information Systems Security Professional course with Salford Professional Development. Frank is also due to be a keynote speaker at one of Europe’s largest Cyber and Cloud Events – the cyber security cloud expo – about building a stronger, more cyber-aware workforce.

“Cyber security is everyone’s responsibility”

We are incredibly excited for Frank to join us in this boot camp style CISSP programme, so we’ve been in touch to learn a little more about the in’s and out’s of cyber security and why you should attend this course:

Why is cyber security just as important for businesses as it is for NATO?

“Back in the day, you thought about security as military, but nowadays it’s more than that – Businesses have the same threats as the Pentagon!

Ransomware security measures are now essential”

How can poor cyber security affect UK businesses?

“Many cyber attacks took place last year: Xbox 360 attacks, attacks on the NHS and personal data being exposed. Marketing databases are under threat as they hold a lot of personal data.

Infrastructure is also under attack from people not updating their computers; the answer is that everyone is part of the solution.”

What are the biggest barriers preventing businesses from implementing an effective cyber security strategy?

“The lack of cyber awareness in the workforce.

Sometimes business are using outdated, unsecured platforms for their business operations leaving them vulnerable. But, you can’t blame it on the technology always. If this was the primary problem then large corporations with big Security Budgets would never get hacked.

Many times large corporations will find themselves the victims of the most damaging Cyber Attacks. And many times these attacks were made possible by negligence from the everyday worker.

The biggest barrier from implementing effective cyber security strategies is having top-level executive leadership establish a cyber aware culture, and then having the workforce adhere to it.

Cyber Security is everyone’s responsibility.”

Who are the best people within organisations to help tackle cyber threats?

“Everyone has to be a part of it.

IT has the responsibility to put controls in place, but everyone has to adopt them”

What is the best way to ensure protection against cyber attacks?

“Communities of smart people that share information about threats. Having someone that is on top of the communities to learn about new threats.”

If you were to offer any advice to small/ medium businesses, what would it be?

“Don’t have a big budget. Choose a tool that has monitoring of threats to manage infrastructure.”

Why do you want to teach CISSP at Salford Professional Development?

“Well, because I want to have a pint with me mates?

Seriously democratic freedoms have been compromised by cyber terrorists. I’m committed to building stronger workforces, so everyone can prevent this.

People need to be the first line of defense. When I teach I learn a lot from people. And hopefully teaching at Salford gives me the opportunity to learn new things, while making people embrace their responsibility to protect.”

What can businesses gain through a CISSP?

“It sets the standard and teaches you to understand the key issues of cyber security in depth. How your business aligns cyber security procedures and gives you the highest standard of protection and knowledge to your staff.”

Get started on protecting your online assets with an experienced specialist for both the Military and NATO

The message from Frank regarding your cyber security is quite clear – You need to get involved or you leave yourself open to attack. Don’t leave your information at the mercy of cyber criminals, get the help that you need to keep security standards high and protect your business.

Learn from the best by getting involved in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional programme and seizing the opportunity to apply these new found skills to your organisation.

Find out more about CISSP here.

Alternatively, you can learn more about cyber security and why it is important for your business here.

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