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Leadership: Navigate your business to success

By now we all know the business environment is by no means smooth sailing and we all venture into stormy weather at some point.Leadership: Navigate your business to success

Businesses are very much like ships at sea, and like any ship, your business requires a captain to ensure it reaches its destination.

You are the leader of your vessel, which means it’s your challenge to navigate your way through the rough and stormy seas whilst keeping your crew safe. As part of this responsibility, it’s up to the captain to identify when things are not running smoothly.

A great captain can identify when their ship is running into dangerous waters or even predict when their crew is under pressure. Perhaps at this point of realisation, the captain must act quickly to solve the problem, restore employee productivity and improve business performance; so that their ship can stay afloat.

Leaders and captains

What organisations fail to understand is being appointed captain doesn’t necessarily make you a leader? It takes a captain capable of steering the ship through weathering seas, understanding the art of navigation, keeping up the morale of the crew, and providing a clear route to the end destination.

Leadership is not just a position, a job, power or in this case “the captain of the ship” – the lessons in leadership is much more than merely a sailing metaphor.

A staggering 58% of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss.

Yet, many organisations fail to notice the difference between a good leader and a great leader. So what makes a great leader?

Sailing the high seas in leadership

“Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water, every ship has a good captain

In many ways, the same applies to the business environment.

More than ever before, organisations need leaders who can navigate, guide and protect their crew – not just for power, ego, and pride, but for the reason of being the captain of the ship.

79% of people who quit their jobs due to lack of appreciation as their reason for leaving”

Leadership is the fuel for any organisation, so why do many organisations spend little time and investment in leadership development programmes?

Perhaps, some people are born to navigate organisations through the 21st century, and some leaders are made. Without a doubt, we are all born with the potential to become a great leader. Yet, this won’t be an easy sail. When the storm brews and the waves swell, only an experienced captain can control the ship and save it.

You may know how to operate the ship, but that won’t make you a great leader.

Our IoD Leadership for Directors will equip you with the necessary skills to lead, even in the most stimulating of circumstances.

No captain can sail alone

Like any good ship’s captain, a leader understands the importance of their crew. If not, be prepared to sail at great risk to yourselves, your mission and your success.

“Every ship needs a captain, but every captain needs a crew”

A great captain understands they could not possibly operate their ship alone. No single person can do it all from steering the ship, navigating the course and overseeing all essential ship operations – Yet this is not always the case.

The captain may be the leader, but what’s captain without a crew?

Essentially, the crew is the soul of the ship, to give it direction, maintain it and give it purpose. A true leader are those who empower their crew to innovate, encourages them to take action and to navigate change. Without a crew, a captain is nothing.

By now it’s obvious that a captain who has limited leadership skills won’t turn your business into a success. I understand that leading and navigating change can be tough especially in these unpredictable climates. But we’re here to help, as managers you can learn a great deal from the IoD Leadership for Directors course to ensure you keep moving in the right direction and reach your destination.

Are you ready to sail the high seas?

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