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Exiting military officers: natural born NEDs

Ok, so it’s obvious that the business world is no war. Yet, operating in a fierce business environment requires a combat strategy. Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCOs) who have served in the armed forces know how to make decisions in extreme conditions and cope with stress in high pressured environments.

Often, people in the armed forces gain leadership skills. Some people are born to be natural leaders, from an early age, they are willing to take charge of situations. Yet, we are all born with the potential to become a leader, if nurtured.

Onboarding Officers is a unique development programme specialising in accelerated non-executive director training to help develop and nurture the skills of exiting military officers and senior NCOs to become world class Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

Can military experience transform into commercial leadership?


If we take a step back, many successful organisations would suggest so, the biggest names in business who have world-class and, in some cases, award-winning skills – have a military background.

So, what lessons can businesses learn from exiting military officers and SNCOs? Very few organisations teach management, logistics and efficiency like the armed forces, so it comes to no surprise that many exiting military officers are now climbing the business ladder to success.

Indeed, their extraordinary strength, skill set and their ability to look beyond the here and now is impressive. So let’s not let their talent go to waste. What ex-military officers can bring is a discipline that is engrained into their DNA to support the board members, to make sure strategies are delivered and governance is adhered to.

“We need to make exiting officers world class non-exec directors” – Jo Haigh

Are you ready to become a NED?

So, what does the military experience teach that helps these exiting military officers and SNCOs become so impactful at board level? Organisations need leaders who understand what it takes to be organised, alert, calm and decisive under pressure – characteristics which exiting military officers possess.

“We’re hoping that the skills exiting officers have, will provide them with the ability to convert them into the commercial world and add real value” – Jo Haigh

To answer the most important question of all: what is the need for this program and what outcomes will be seen? This award-winning training programme has been created to provide exiting military officers with an understanding of the financial and strategic management aspects of the business world, as well as integrating corporate strategies from a non-executive perspective.

On this award-winning programme exiting officers will work closely with the best of the best. Our highly experienced tutors Jo Haigh and Alison Kennedy not only have professional qualifications but board level skills with national and international organisational experience.

“There’s nothing else like it, particularly for the military, and there’s no NED training for exiting military officers. It’s a unique programme” – Jo Haigh

Calling all exiting officers…

Join us on 7th November 2018 for the launch of a truly unique programme.

To find out more about this programme, how it was designed and the benefits this programme will offer exiting military officers, see our full interview with Jo Haigh.

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