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Joana Ferreira – Search and Social Media Marketing with ONECPD

I began my career in digital marketing back in 2012, after completing an Msc in Marketing Communications. Before I’d even handed in my final dissertation, I had secured a job in digital marketing at an innovative Manchester digital agency with offices in the (back then) up-and-coming MediaCityUK area.

An exciting time, but as a digital novice with limited education into the complex world of SEO and social media marketing, there was still so much to learn. Like any good graduate, I relied on my research skills to figure out how things work, what the jargon means, how to apply best practice and how to get the best results. But as much as I tried to learn from colleagues
and use my initiative to research on my own, it felt like I needed some hands-on training to improve my confidence levels. In 2013, a colleague of mine had just enrolled onto the Social Media Marketing course at ONECPD, so I convinced my boss to let me do the same.

The six week professional course was the ideal length of time to really get a good grasp of the practical elements of search engine marketing and social media, while also being short enough to not feel too overwhelming or onerous.

Each week, we delved into a topic starting with theory, and then getting hands-on with practical stuff. We got to practice on a live website, apply this immediately to our own businesses or clients and learn as we went along. The group was small enough that we were able to support each other, which also provided opportunities for networking.

At the end of the course, we each presented on a topic of choice, got to post a blog article on the Salford University website, and said goodbye with a renewed sense of self-confidence and motivation.

For me personally, the course was immensely helpful. It was just the type of practical training I was missing that I felt I needed to be able to perform my job at a higher standard. At the end of the course, I was awarded the first prize for my presentation, which gave me a boost of confidence, and went back to work feeling like now I really understood what SEO was all about. My employers at the time obviously saw the benefits too, as several other colleagues embarked on this course in subsequent years.  

In the years following the course, I progressed in my career at the agency, eventually managing a team and being awarded a role on the senior management team. In 2017, I left the agency to set up my own business, JVF Marketing, where I provide digital marketing consultancy and services for small and medium sized businesses. This course gave me the knowledge I needed to be able to truly excel in this industry. A lot of digital marketers are self-taught, and we mostly learn through experimentation. But having a solid foundation to rely on certainly goes a long way, and by understanding the theory behind search and social media marketing, we’re able to apply this more rationally and strategically.

For anyone who is thinking of embarking on a professional course at ONECPD, I highly recommend it. The hands-on training is great, the teaching is up-to-date and focuses on the latest techniques and best practice in the industry, and the facilities at the MediaCityUK campus are second to none.

Go for it, you won’t regret it!

If you would like to find out about any of the digital courses ONECPD run, then please click here to start your professional development journey.

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