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Have you Seen Mr Smith?

Salford untold – behind the scenes of healthcare degree apprenticeships…

Councillor Sean Fielding recently visited University of Salford’s School of Health and Society to find out more about how Degree Apprenticeships are delivered. Councillor Fielding met with the Vice-Chancellor who outlined the University’s industry-focused approach to education and training and highlighted the success of our fast-growing degree apprenticeship programme

With over 500 apprentices already on board, the team are working with 150 employers – large and small – with big ambitions to grow. The Vice-Chancellor and Councillor Fielding discussed how degree apprenticeships can be a major part of unlocking the productivity puzzle in Greater Manchester. 

Councillor Sean Fielding with Dean of the School of Health & Society, Professor Margaret Rowe, Nursing Lecturer, Dr Lesley Jones, Trainee Nursing Associate, Laura, and the patient, ‘Mr Smith’

While with us, Councillor Fielding was also shown around the simulation suites at Mary Seacole. Professor Margaret Rowe, Dean of the School of Health & Society, gave Councillor Fielding a tour of the facilities and introduced him to Laura, a Trainee Nursing Associate who is about to enter her second year of studies. 

Laura wowed Councillor Fielding with her impressive demonstration of a patient assessment with ‘Mr Smith’, showing him first hand how nurses at Salford are trained in real-world settings. 

The visit was arranged by the Public Affairs team as part of the Salford Untold engagement campaign with regional stakeholders. 

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