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Does the ‘Digital Society’ Include Rural Areas?

13 November 2015

Super Fast Broadband

Huge strides have been made in delivering broadband to all parts of the UK, with nearly one in three receiving superfast Broadband.

Ofcom’s strategic review concluded that this improvement has been down to a number of government initiatives, yet 54% of those living in rural areas are not satisfied with the government’s programme to improve broadband in rural areas.


Northern Powerhouse Conference: Speaker and Sponsor Insights

6 November 2015

Ahead of the Northern Powerhouse Conference our official PR partner for the event Frontier PR have met with some of the conference speakers and sponsors. The interviews show a glimpse of what the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ means to them, and what they plan to address at the conference. Tickets are limited, and are available on our Conference webpage.


Cyber Security: TalkTalk Cyber attack

27 October 2015

Cyber Security Breach at TalkTalk

Last week TalkTalk one of the UKs largest mobile phone and broadband providers, suffered a ‘substantial and severe’ cyber-attack to its website. It comes at a time when cyber security is becoming talked about increasingly, and is now seen as a critical factor for any business with an online presence. In this blog we look at what caused the Cyber-attack at TalkTalk , the company’s response, as well as what this could mean to the online security landscape.


Future of Digital Housing: Sponsor Insight

29 September 2015

Future of Digital Housing: Sponsor Insight

In the run up to the Digital Housing Conference we will be speaking to some of our event sponsors, and supporter’s, with a view to showcase the work they do, and how their support and services can help and improve your company’s digital development.

Today’s insight is from Property Tectonics


Welfare Cuts: The Bedroom Tax

14 September 2015

The Basics

An under occupancy charge was brought in as part of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, by the then coalition government. The Act is set out to improve work incentives and cut unnecessary administrative duties. It was hoped simplifying the benefits system would contribute to the deficit reduction, as well as freeing up properties to help families in overcrowded council homes. Shelter report 1 in 4 properties would be deemed as over occupied.


Sustainable Transport: Have bike lanes in the UK failed ?

9 September 2015

Over 43% of people in the UK aged 5+ own, or have access to a bike. This stat is not surprising given the UKs passion for all things cycling. This has been propelled by British Olympic success in the velodrome, during the 2012 home games. Alongside the fact that brits have taken the yellow jersey, 3 times in the last 5 Tour De France events.


Counter-Terrorism: UK On High Alert

25 August 2015

UK threat level is now at severe, an attack is highly likely. The severe threat level came into place last August, having been at a substantial rating since 2010. The level has been brought into question over the last year, as a result of high profile worldwide terrorist attacks. The terrorism threat status has not reached critical since the London Bombings in 2007.

“There is no doubt we face a very severe threat in our country and we have done so for many months and years. “ David Cameron


Water contamination in Lancashire, public health put at risk?

13 August 2015

On the 6th of August last week more than 300,000 households were warned by United Utilities of a public health risk. All tap water in Blackpool, Flyde, Preston, South Ribble, Wyre, and areas of Blackburn should be boiled before consumption.

Martin Padley, Chief Scientific Officer at United Utilities, said: “The advice is being given purely as a precautionary measure as we carry out additional tests today. We apologise for the inconvenience but the health of our customers is absolutely paramount.”

It has now been confirmed that a contamination had occurred, with the identification of low levels of microbial parasites, known as cryptosporidium in the water system. Cryptosporidium commonly referred to as crypto, is a parasite passed on by accidental ingestion of contaminated faeces. This can cause gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea and can have more serious complications for those with weak immune systems.