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The Public Sector’s Traditional Approach to Procurement

5 March 2019

Willie Sutton, the famous American bank robber was once asked why he robbed banks, and his response was simple and to the point – ‘because that’s where the money is… in its most compact form’. However now, in a sense, the most money in the most compact form is not in financial institutions but in public procurement with the UK public sector spending over £250 billion on goods and services in the year 2016/17. Out of this vast amount of cash, central government accounts for £118 billion, local government £70 billion, the NHS over £66 billion and public corporations £8 billion.  Even a tiny saving on these enormous sums adds up to a great deal of money and perhaps just as significantly, the way this money is spent has great impact on the businesses and third sector organisations that bid for these contracts, the employees who gain their livings delivering these goods and services,  and the communities that they live within. read more