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Important notice for EPSRC-funded researchers

13 March 2015

EPSRC-funded researchers should be aware that if you are writing/submitting research papers which acknowledge EPSRC funding for publication on/after 1st May 2015 you MUST include a data access statement to enable compliance with new EPSRC expectations. This statement should include a persistent URL directly linking to the dataset or to supporting documentation that describes the data in detail, how it may be accessed and any constraints that may apply.

EPSRC will be auditing papers which acknowledge their funding to check that they include a data access statement and where this is missing, or if there are problems accessing the data, they will follow this up with the PI and could impose sanctions.

The University is developing the infrastructure and support to enable compliance with the EPSRC research data management expectations. However, this Service will not be fully operational before autumn so an alternative solution has been developed for authors who will be publishing papers in the interim. For details, please contact Hannah Baker, Research Data Manager, ext. 56707 or

More details are available here: